Why is Thresh ad good?

Why is Thresh ad good?

Pyke’s damage and safety are great with most ADCs, and Thresh is no exception. His hook generally is more forgiving to miss, and easier to land due to the movement.

Is Thresh ADC viable?

No. He lacks trading potential versus a competent opponent. His hook doesn’t deal much dmg. His lantern deals no dmg and could only be used to save his support, which is dumb because a support with a dead ADC is fairly useless.

Is Thresh bad?

Formerly a warden from an already forgotten order, Thresh is a nightmarish creature that delights in the pain and suffering of sentient beings, dead or undead. His sadistic tendencies has gained repulsion even from other beings like him, and is arguably one of the most evil characters of the entire lore.

Is AP Thresh viable?

Absolutely. He has a good kit and even though I still run into a lot of players that don’t know what Thresh is capable of, that does not make him a bad champ.

Is it possible to play thresh as an AD Carry?

Answers above our outdated, since the recent patches to thresh, he is a very viable AD carry, but Not doing physical damage, most of his damage is Magic damage. therefor “Is he viable botlane?”

What’s the ad ratio for full ad thresh?

Full AD Thresh has a 80% (Level 1) Total AD Ratio on his E passive, up to a maximum of 200% (Level 5 E) Total AD Ratio. This will be turned into magic damage on-hit in addition to the base AD physical damage you’re already hitting.

Which is the best support for ADC thresh?

Senna is a great support for ADC Thresh, giving healing, lockdown, and poke. Thresh can peel and lantern Senna, and Senna can help Thresh lock down a foe, and vice-versa. Incredible pair. For Support Thresh with AD Senna, it’s less good, but still has all of these advantages in the early laning phase.

What can you do with Thresh ADC at bot lane?

Sorceror’s Boots, Malady, Runaan’s Huricane, Wit’s End, Blade of the Ruined King. He will become a very good on-hit carry. He can initiate/secure with Q, and use E and ultimate when the bruisers come to burst him down. His lantern can also be used more selfishly to bring allies to his aid instead of protecting them.

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