7 tips that will make you a master of Instagram

7 tips that will make you a master of Instagram

It was last in 2010 when Instagram was just a social network to post photos. 9 years down the line – it’s certainly a lot more than that. Of course, you still post photos. But there is way more to that. The new feature of Instagram stories is reaching a new milestone every day – Hashtags are making people more recognizable every minute – Boomerangs that keep people hooked to their daily Instagram routine. And, the list goes on.

If you ask the reigning kings of Instagram, you would know it’s not just a social networking app, it is hard work, determination, and of course those extra hours that have led them to where they are today. Of course, you could simply post what you like and stay out of it, but if you wish to master the art – buckle up to read our master guide with sassy 8 tips to get more Instagram followers:

1. Learn to use photo editing tools

Instagram gives you the added advantage of using various filters before posting. But why would you settle for the basic that everyone does? Instead, edit your post manually using the advanced photo editing apps available on Play Store and iOS. You can make use of Instagram filters too. Maintain a signature style on your profile and if you are willing to travel the extra length – there are a few posting apps also that gives you an edge over regular posting formats. This would give you profile the kick that it needs to stand out from the rest and of course we are all here for some attention!

2. Use Plenty of Hashtags

In the introduction, we mentioned that hashtags serve a great purpose in making you familiar with your industry. Although there are people suggesting you use only 5-6 hashtags per post, but, my question is why would you leave the advantage half baked? So instead use all 30 (sadly, that’s the maximum Instagram has to offer)! But don’t forget the golden rule – Consistency and relevance. Dig the internet, follow your competitors’ hashtags very closely, keep a check on trending hashtags, follow the most popular hashtags of your industry and do everything that you can to reach the maximum audience.

3. Start using your stories

If you ask me, Instagram stories are the biggest revolution it made in itself. And surely, they have been very successful with it. Raw, unedited, easy-to-post, are some of the many keywords which could be used to describe Instagram Stories. Also, one of the biggest advantages they possess is that they are temporary, that is for only 24 hours. So, if you want something to stay with people only for a short time, go for these stories. Influencers and other famous personalities on Instagram are in a habit of making these stories all day long, which depict what is going on in their life. In fact, Instagram experts’ term these stories as the best way to gain engagement. So next time if you see the bubble with your story written, go for it.

4. Go Live

Going live on Instagram has more benefits than one. But among all of them, my personal favorite is that you for real, interact with your audience. This helps them stay loyal and you gain more engagement. Also, if you are a company, it gives your audience a human touch and establishes trust. It would be the icing on the cake if you assign specific times slots and reciprocate the same to your audience. For example, every Friday at 8 PM, Instagram records more audience than at any other time slots.

5. Boomerang, layout, and time-lapse

If you are on Instagram (which I am sure you are), you are certainly aware of each of these terms. They are Instagram’s exclusive features to make your experience more joyful. I will not go into detail of each one of them, but let me tell you just one thing – they have an everlasting impact on your audience.

6. Look out for the best camera

Well, you know what sets you apart from those sassy pictures of superstars and bloggers? – A professional camera! I am not saying your phone camera wouldn’t suffice but if you want to master the art of Instagram you need something more. So, look out for the best cameras available in your budget.

7. Stay on top of your privacy

Mastering Instagram does not only mean likes, engagement or comments. There is more to that. On Instagram, the higher you go on the hierarchy – the more difficult it will be. The biggest handicap would be the trolls and of course the swindlers. So, make sure you keep your privacy policy strict right from day one so that the fruits of your hard work are only yours to keep.

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