Best Sleep Advice For 2022

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, there are tons of things you can start doing to change that! From the mattress you own to how you fall asleep, you can tweak your sleeping routines and arrangements to work better for you. This article covers the best sleep advice for 2022, so you can finally get that shut-eye you desire. Let’s get started.

Go To Bed Earlier

Many of us don’t go to bed when we should. The allure of staying up late to binge-watch shows or spend extra time with our significant other can make sleep seem like an annoying afterthought. You can get up earlier by going to bed earlier and live out your days more productively. As a bonus, with more time each day, you can set aside some time to be with your partner and watch that tv show without it conflicting with your sleep schedule. You’ll get better sleep and have more productive days if you stick to a sleep schedule.


Consider Your Body Temperature

There is indeed such a thing as being a hot or cold sleeper. While a lot of this can be the result of the type of bedding material you use, i.e. (cotton vs. flannel sheets), or the temperature you keep at your home at night, other biological factors influence your body temperature at night. You can find the best bed for hot sleepers and cold sleepers online and consider different options. There are mattresses, pillows, and sheets that all contain cooling technology for those who need a little less heat during the night.


Consider Your Circadian Rhythms

Everyone has circadian rhythms and body clocks that internally influence our sleep schedules, waking time, and energy levels. While we each have our own unique genetic makeup, there are some general factors that science has consistently shown that are worth considering. For one thing, following a consistent sleeping and waking routine can influence the quality of your sleep.


You can train your body to fall asleep when you need it to by practicing these schedules regularly. Many biotech tools can help you fall into the practice, like smart alarm clocks, red sleep-inducing light bulbs, and more. See what works for you!

Get A Weighted Blanket

Many people ruminate at night. You might replay your day or worry about the past, future, etc. A calming effect of weighted blankets is that they feel like physical hugs! You will naturally calm down and quickly fall asleep if you have a weighted blanket by your side to remind you to quiet down your mind. Different weights are available depending on your preference. If you tend to run hot while sleeping, consider getting a lighter-weighted blanket so you can stay cool as you sleep.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be put into an oil diffuser for aromatherapy purposes in your bedroom. The essential oils are calming and can induce sleep. Chamomile and lavender extracts are two oils commonly used to invite sleep. You can also rub oils on your wrist.


You can just inhale the smells to help wind down before bed. There are also pillow sprays of these scents that can help induce sleep. Everyone needs something a little different to fall asleep. Be willing to try new things to get the results you seek!


The Bottom Line

Getting a good night’s sleep requires trial and error. Not every method will work for everybody, but by listening to your body and following a consistent schedule, you can teach your body to rely on your unique sleeping patterns for natural, sound sleep every night!

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