Are all pressure washer nozzles interchangeable?

Are all pressure washer nozzles interchangeable?

All About Nozzles Pressure washers vary from brand to brand. They are sold with either a set of color-coded interchangeable nozzles or an all-in-one adjustable nozzle; both types (illustrated below) allow you to change the angle (or spray vertex) of water, depending on the task.

What size hose does a Craftsman pressure washer use?

1/4 IN. x 50
x 50 FT. Pressure Washer Hose Replacement for B & S, Craftsman, Generac & Karcher”. The manufacturer is “Propulse” and the brand is “Propulse.

Why is my pressure washer leaking at the handle?

If your power washer is leaking water directly from the pump, and there is no noticeable damage (such as a crack) on the pump, it is likely that the internal piston seals are worn or broken. A leaking pump suggests that one or more of the seals on each piston has broken or worn and is letting water escape.

Does craftsman make a good pressure washer?

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice pressure washer. This pressure washer is easy to start and the idle down feature is nice feature allowing some quieter operating time. The down side of this washer is , as with most common pressure washers, is the low connection points for the hoses.

When do I need to replace my Craftsman pressure washer?

That’s when you need the support of Repair Clinic, home to all the replacement parts you need to maintain and repair your Craftsman pressure washer, whether you power wash with the popular 2200 MAX PSI / 2.0 MAX GPM gas-powered pressure washer or an electric model like the 2,100 MAX PSI cold water pressure washer.

What is the thermal relief valve on a craftsman pressure washer?

The thermal relief valve protects the pump from overheating. If the spray wand is unused for more than 5 minutes while the pump is running, the pressurized water heats up quickly. If the water gets too hot, the thermal relief valve opens to prevent damage to the pump.

What are the parts for a craftsman snowblower?

Tecumseh carburetor outlet gasket. Small engine recoil starter assembly. This item includes the pulley and spring. The recoil starter engages the drive cup on the flywheel to start the engine when pulled. Briggs & Stratton in-line fuel filter. If the fuel filter is clogged, it will restrict the flow of fuel to the carburetor.

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