Are Nerium products safe?

Are Nerium products safe?

Nerium says five experts in Pharmacology and Toxicology found Nerium AD to be perfectly safe. According to Olson, “One of them said a baby one year old could consume 400 bottles and it wouldn’t be toxic.”

Why did Nerium change its name to neora?

✗ The company has a controversial history. Formerly known as Nerium International, Neora switched their brand name in 2019 to reflect a new company direction. One of the biggest changes was eliminating the use of the toxic plant Nerium oleander from their flagship product NeriumAD.

Is Neora a pyramid?

Neora. In 2019, the FTC sued wellness/skin care/supplement MLM company Neora, “alleging that the company operates as an illegal pyramid scheme and falsely promises recruits they will achieve financial independence if they join the scheme,” according to a public statement from the FTC.

What does Nerium night cream do?

Nerium age defying day or night Face Cream is packed with antioxidants, peptides and plant extracts to smooth the look of existing fine lines and wrinkles. It is the perfect multifunctional, age-fighting product for daily use.

How does Nerium help with lines and wrinkles?

The extract used in Nerium anti-aging products is a proprietary, patented extract. One of its main functions is to provide antioxidant effects, which help protect the cells against free radical damage and delay the signs of skin aging. It shall help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging in the face.

Is the Nerium AD really a good product?

In their third Nerium article, Bare Faced Truth covers the “mania” of its distributors saying that Nerium AD really does work. It touches on a few of the factors that I’ve covered in-depth at No, Your MLM Health Product Does Not Work.

What does Nerium EHT do for your brain?

Nerium EHT is a nootropic supplement which improves* several areas of cognitive function, including memory, reaction times, alertness and overall clarity. It reduces* oxidative stress in the brain which is responsible for aging the brain cells and damaging the neural connections.

What are the benefits of pure Nerium face cream?

Key Benefits*: Enhances skins ability to look fresh, natural and radiant Skin appears firmer and more youthful Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles PURENerium® Daily Face Cream Awaken and refresh your skin’s youthful, luminous tone and protect against sun damage with revolutionary ingredients and broad spectrum SPF 20.

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