Are people on Quora reliable?

Are people on Quora reliable?

If you’re not familiar with Quora, it is a question-and-answer site similar to Yahoo! Answers where users can ask questions, and answer other’s questions. The truth is, Quora is only as reliable as the person answering your question, and your question is only as useful as the details you provide.

How do I complain to Quora?

[email protected] – If your appeal is in regards to a name change. [email protected] – If your appeal is in regards to a violation of our Be Nice, Be Respectful policy. [email protected] – If your appeal is in regards to content that has been marked as spam.

Is Quora a waste of time?

Quora Is A Waste Of Time And Effort In the beginning, it was fun and addicting to answer the questions. They kept notifying me that my answers were sent to their Quora digest over 1,000, 2,000, and sometimes 100,000 people. But over time, it started getting really annoying and old. Quora arbitrarily deletes answers.

Why is Quora unreliable?

1: Neutral platform Quora’s reviewers are clearly biased towards their personal feelings about a specific person or topic, which completely undermines the value of Quora. This was simply a personal vendetta, and you can’t have that on a site like Quora. It makes the site untrustworthy as a source of information.

How is Quora making money?

Initially, Quora had no revenue model. So how does Quora make money? Like most portals, Quora has shifted to earn money through advertisements. Quora is actively courting the advertising market by strategically placing ads so that they appear as part of the content rather than acting as an overt marketing tool.

How do I contact Quora?

To send feedback or contact Quora, go to and select “Contact Us”. On this page, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. The contact options are: I need help with my account.

How do I send an email to Quora?

To send feedback or contact Quora, go to On this page, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu depending on your needs. The contact options are: I need help with my account.

What is time a waste of?

: a bad use of time The lecture was a complete waste of time.

Who is behind Quora?

Adam D’Angelo

show Screenshot:
Founder(s) Adam D’Angelo Charlie Cheever
Key people Adam D’Angelo (CEO) Kelly Battles (CFO)
Revenue $20 million (2018)
Employees 200-300 (2019)

How is the number of members needed for a quorum determined?

In modern times a quorum might be defined as the minimum number of voters needed for a valid election. According to Robert, each assembly determines the number of members that constitutes a quorum in its governing documents (such as in its constitution, charter, bylaws or standing orders ). The quorum may also be set by law.

Why is Quorum Health important to the community?

Quorum Health is dedicated to maintaining and expanding those resources. Access to quality local health care is critical to a community’s health. We take our commitment to our communities seriously and are proud of the services we provide. People are the foundation of our commitment to provide quality, compassionate care.

What happens if there is a lack of quorum in Congress?

If someone contests the lack of quorum, a roll call shall be done, and if there is indeed less than a majority of members present, the meeting shall be adjourned. Both majority and minority blocs in Congress have used the lack of quorum in defeating bills that they don’t want to be passed without putting it to a vote.

What is the quorum for the House of Commons in Canada?

Over and above that, constitutional laws require the consent of at least two-thirds of the members present (quorum agreement of 66.6% based on the number of voting present). In Canada, the Constitution Act, 1867 sets quorum for sittings of the House of Commons of Canada at 20 MPs.

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