Are there any vehicle restrictions on the Garden State Parkway?

Are there any vehicle restrictions on the Garden State Parkway?

Trucks and other commercial vehicles are permitted on the Garden State Parkway from EXIT 0 (US 9 / NJ 109) in Cape May north to Exit 105 (NJ 18 / NJ 35 / NJ 36) in Tinton Falls. There also is a weight restriction of 7,000 pounds (including passengers, fuel, and cargo) for all vehicles north of Exit 105.

Did the Garden State Parkway tolls go up?

Tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike will increase from $3.50 to $4.80 per average trip and Garden State Parkway’s tolls will rise from $1.11 to $1.41 per average trip. Increases are the result of a planned funding initiative which the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) announced in May.

How many exits are on the Garden State Parkway?

365 exits
GARDEN STATE PARKWAY The Parkway maintains a total of 365 exits and entrances. Tolls are collected at 49 locations, including 11 plazas on the main roadway and 38 on entrance or exit ramps.

Is there construction on the Garden State Parkway?

Construction is expected to begin in May 2020 and continue until June 2022.

Does Garden State Parkway allow trailers?

A: While there are some weight and length restrictions, non-commercial car and pick-up truck-pulled trailers are allowed on the Parkway, said Thomas Feeney, a New Jersey Turnpike Authority spokesman. Recreational vehicles towing trailers also may use the Parkway as long the total length doesn’t exceed 62 feet.

How much are tolls on Garden State Parkway?

The average Turnpike toll for passenger vehicles increases by $1.30, and the cash toll at a Garden State Parkway mainline toll plaza rises from $1.50 to $1.90.

What are the toll rates on the Garden State Parkway?

Standard car toll is $0.50 for ramp tolls, $0.75 for two-way toll barriers, and $1.50 for one-way toll barriers.

Does the Garden State Parkway take EZ Pass?

Drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway are now being directed to E-ZPass lanes instead of paying cash for tolls. For travelers who don’t have E-ZPass, the car’s license plate will be scanned and a bill will be sent to the address registered with the vehicle.

What can I do with old Garden State Parkway tokens?

The tokens will be sold to a salvage company as scrap metal. The Turnpike Authority had set a maximum redemption amount of 4,500 tokens without an appointment, but Forktus estimated that a couple of dozen people turned up with larger amounts and were accommodated.

How much is the toll on Garden State Parkway?

What is the height limit on the Garden State Parkway?

15 feet
Roadway over Parkway – 15 feet minimum or existing vertical clearance, whichever is greater. When resurfacing or widening under an existing bridge whose vertical clearance is less than 15 feet, the existing vertical clearance must be maintained as a minimum.

What is the lowest overpass on the Garden State Parkway?

I’ve done some digging online, and the info that I find (which weirdly isn’t that easy to find) says the lowest overpass is 11’3″ on the shoulder.

Are there any closures on the Garden State Parkway?

Lane Closures for construction on SR 290 in both directions at milepost 12.5 at Barker R (…) Closure on Spokane Falls from Pine St to Sherman St in both directions until further not (…) On US 2/97 near Cashmere (milepost 110), Eastbound off ramp and westbound turn lane to W (…)

How to check traffic conditions on the New Jersey Turnpike?

Want to know about traffic before you begin your trip? You can dial 511. Or you can click on the camera links below to see real-time roadway conditions at dozens of locations on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway.

Where are the mileposts on the Garden State Parkway?

A one car fire on the shoulder and bit after the Walgreens and OceanFirst Bank […] US 12 milepost 144 to milepost 157, Monday July 19 to Thursday July 22, between the hour (…) SR 22 – Vicinity Milepost 4.07 to Milepost 8.62 – Single Lane Flagger Controlled Clo (…)

Who was arrested on the Garden State Parkway?

The car, which had damage from a crash, was abandoned at the Ocean County Vo-Tech School. Two 18-year-olds and a 19-year-old were arrested. […] An Ecuadoran national was drunk when he crashed his Jeep into a traffic signal during a pre-dawn police chase in Hackensack and then took off on foot before dawn Monday, authorities said.Segundo Tapia

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