Can a GoPro replace a regular camera?

Can a GoPro replace a regular camera?

While the GoPRO is not mainly designed for regular photography, you can use it for this. Just keep in mind the wide angle is great for wide landscapes and tight interiors, but not so great for close-ups or mid-length shots. For my initial tests I walked around Lisbon while trying to use the GoPRO as a regular camera.

Does GoPro 5 take good pictures?

You can shoot RAW with it using GoPro’s proprietary . gpr format (actually, it shoots RAW+JPG), which is what I usually shoot with. The RAW files need processing, but the camera does quite a good job with its in-camera processing to produce good-looking JPGs.

What is camera similar to GoPro?

5 Best Cameras Like GoPro: Cheaper Alternatives & Competitors (Reviews) Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera. Akaso V50 Pro: This is without a doubt, the best camera in the GoPro alternative category. Campark ACT74. Campark ACT74: This is the best rated camera like GoPro. Akaso EK7000 4K. Eken H9R Action Camera. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam (Best for Kids) VTech Kidizoom: This is a great camera for kids.

What is a good alternative to GoPro?

Another top recommended alternative to GoPro is Drift Stealth 2 which is also a compact, mount-anywhere action camera. People like Stealth 2 because it’s incredibly small and can be mounted almost anywhere, as well as its 300-degree rotating lens and its more affordable price.

What is the cheapest GoPro?

Announced March 29, GoPro’s latest camera is a simplified, streamlined model simply called the Hero. At $199, it is the cheapest model in GoPro’s lineup that includes a built-in LCD monitor. The Hero looks much like the latest generations of GoPro,…

What is a GoPro camera used for?

GoPro cameras are widely used for action photography. It is a popular pocket-sized camera device used by adventures, surfers, athletes, travelers, and bloggers as a daily camera , and can be mounted anywhere.

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