Can serrapeptase reduce fibroids?

Can serrapeptase reduce fibroids?

Serrapeptase: This is an enzyme that eats cysts for food. I think it is amazing for inflammatory conditions, and it should shrink your fibroids with continued use. Sold widely online and in health food stores. Myomin: A blend of Chinese herbs was developed by an Oriental naturopath, Dr.

What does serrapeptase do for fibroids?

Elimination of excessive inflammation with potent (serratiopeptidase-containing) systemic enzyme formulations may reduce the size of fibroids by limiting vascularization of fibroids and by enzymatic myolysis of the fibroid. Such systemic enzymes are Neprinol, Wobenzym, Vitalzyme, and bromelain (from pineapple stems).

How long does it take for serrapeptase to start working?

Early research suggests that people with sinusitis who take serrapeptase have significantly reduced pain, nasal secretions, and nasal obstruction after 3-4 days of treatment. Hoarseness (laryngitis).

How long should you take serrapeptase for?

Dosing. The usual adult dosage of serrapeptase is 10 mg 3 times daily (range, 15 to 60 mg/day) 2 hours after meals. Serrapeptase has been taken for 1 to 2 weeks as an anti-inflammatory agent and up to 4 weeks as a mucolytic agent.

How long do you take serrapeptase?

Who should not take serrapeptase?

Stop taking serrapeptase if you have a surgery scheduled to avoid an increased risk of blood clots. If you develop any adverse side effects such as headache, nausea, stomach upset, difficulty breathing, and rashes, stop taking the product and notify your doctor.

Why to take serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase may be useful for people with chronic respiratory diseases by increasing mucus clearance and reducing inflammation of the airways. When taken orally, serrapeptase is easily destroyed and deactivated by your stomach acid before it has a chance to reach your intestines to be absorbed.

What is exactly is serrapeptase?

What exactly is Serrapeptase? Serrapeptase or serratiopeptidase as it is otherwise known as is a proteolytic enzyme, a protelolytic enzyme is useful in our bodies because it breaks down protein into benefical amino acids.

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