Can you magnify an Eotech?

Can you magnify an Eotech?

EOTECH® Magnifiers The ability to transition between the two distances almost instantly and still maintain weapon accuracy is easily achieved with our compact 3X and 5X magnifiers. The magnifier is designed to be mounted directly behind the EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS).

What Eotech does military use?

The U.S.’s elite military units commonly use the Aimpoint and EOTech red dot sights, just to name a few. They have used the Aimpoint Comp M2 & M4 EOTech 553 Holographic Sight’s past and present. As a Navy SEAL, I used the Aimpoint, ACOG TA01NSN and Colt 4 X 20.

What is the best Eotech magnifier?

Best EOTech Models

  1. EXPS2-0. My favorite pick and what I run on my competition PCC rifle (Best Pistol Caliber Carbines) is the EXPS2-0 ($490).
  2. Model 512. My entry-level pick if you want to enter the world of holographic weapon sights is also EOTech’s best-seller….
  3. XPS2-0.
  4. EXPS3-0.
  5. EXPS2-0 Green Reticle.
  6. HHS Hybrid.

Where are EOTech magnifiers made?

It’s EOTech, but it’s made in China. A decision the company evidently made to deliver a cost conscious 3x magnifier to market, as part of their product revamp.

Where is the magnifier on an EOTech holographic weapon sight?

The magnifier is designed to be mounted directly behind the EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS). Simply switch the magnifier out of the way for quick 1X targeting. When used with HWS Models 518, 558 and EXPS (with side button interface), the user can easily operate the sight even with the magnifier engaged. EOTECH® Magnifier G30™

Which is the best EOTech sight for AR15?

The EOTech 510 Series 512-A65 Holographic CQB Weapon Sight is built with a rugged aluminum hood assembly and includes a knobbed, tool-less mounting bolt. The system is also both fog proof and waterproof, plus the sight weighs in at only a mere 10.9 ounces.

Which is EOTech mini 5x magnifier does it work with?

The G43 works with all EOTECH HWS models. The mini 5X Magnifier has the similar weight and dimensional properties as the existing G33 Magnifier, but with an additional 2X magnification for precision aiming at greater distances.

Which is the best EOTech magnifier for USSOCOM?

The G30 works with all EOTECH HWS models. The G33 is the selected magnifier of USSOCOM, and is compact and lightweight. The mount provides fast transitioning from 3X to 1X, and the optic offers tool-free vertical and horizontal adjustments, larger field-of-view and an adjustable diopter for improved, precise focusing.

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