Does Chip Dove die?

Does Chip Dove die?

Chip Dove was the boyfriend of Anita “Needy” Lesnicki and is a deutergonist in Jennifer’s Body….Chip Dove.

Name Chip Dove
Status Deceased
Classification Human
Affiliation Anita Lesnicki (girlfriend)

How did chip die in Jennifer’s Body?

As Needy was at the prom looking for Jennifer, Jennifer was seducing Needy’s boyfriend, Chip. She lied to him saying that Needy cheated on him with Colin. He almost believed her but because of his love for Needy, Chip decided not to be with Jennifer, though she attacked Chip at the abandoned pool and killed him.

Who all dies in Jennifers Body?


  • 12 People – Burned to death a bar off-camera.
  • Officer Roman Duda – Burned to death in a bar off-camera. (
  • Jonas – Torn apart by Jennifer.
  • Colin Grey – Torn apart by Jennifer.
  • Jennifer Check – Stabbed to death by Nikolai.
  • Ahmet – Torn apart off-screen by Jennifer.

Does needy kill Jennifer?

Although she is too late to save Chip, Needy does fight and kill Jennifer.

Why did Jennifer and Needy kiss?

To Kusama and Cody, one of the most misunderstood moments in the film was the scene in which Needy and Jennifer make out. Cody included the kiss in her script because she wanted it to be clear that Needy is, on some level, in love with Jennifer.

Why did Jennifer fall when Needy took off her necklace?

By tearing off that very necklace, Jennifer appeared to have lost her power and fall to the bed, giving Needy ample time to stab her through the heart. The point of the necklace-tearing scene was to symbolize how, all this time, Needy herself was Jennifer’s heart and was could be rendered weak without her.

Did Jennifer check like Needy?

The attraction between Needy and Jennifer is alternately acknowledged and denied throughout the film, which makes sense in the context of high school in small town America.

Are Needy and Jennifer connected?

Jennifer and Needy have been best friends since childhood, despite having very little in common. One night, Jennifer takes Needy to a local dive bar to attend a concert by indie rock band Low Shoulder.

Is Needy in love with Jennifer?

It is not a love story between Needy and Chip, the film’s only official couple. It is not a love story between Jennifer and any of her male victims. Needy and Jennifer are the fulcrum around which the entire film spins – the movie begins with shots of the two of them and the climax is an epic battle between them.

Who is the blonde girl in Jennifer’s Body?

Megan Fox
Anita “Needy” Lesnicki is the main protagonist from Jennifer’s Body. She’s the best friend of the main anti-hero Jennifer Check, played by Megan Fox.

Are Jennifer and Needy connected?

Why does Jennifer fall when Needy took off her necklace?

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