Does kefir flatten your stomach?

Does kefir flatten your stomach?

4. Weight loss: If you include low-fat kefir in your diet, it will help you lose weight. Kefir is rich in protein which helps you feel full for long periods of time. Although, drinking too much kefir can hinder weight loss and even lead to weight gain.

Is kefir better than probiotic pills?

While both yogurt and kefir are cultured milk products, they contain different strains of bacteria, and kefir’s combination seems more powerful. “Kefir is probably a better source [of probiotics] because of the sheer potency,” Antinoro says. “A popular brand called Lifeway has 12 species or cultures.”

What do you need to know about kefir?

Kefir dates back centuries.

  • It’s usually made from fermenting milk with kefir grains.
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  • The fermenting process makes it a probiotic powerhouse.
  • And it has more probiotics than yogurt.
  • And it’s packed full of nutrition.
  • It’s generally safe even for people who are lactose intolerant.
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  • Where to buy kefir probiotic?

    You can find ready-made kefir at your local health food store, grocery, or even at online. Check the dairy case, or I’ve even found it in the produce section at my local grocery store. There are lots of kefir products available. Find a product with a high probiotic count for the most intense kefir health benefits.

    What stores carry kefir?

    Health food stores may carry kefir grains, and specialty culture stores will stock several varieties. Cultures for Health, a company based in Oregon, USA, specializes in bacterial and yeast cultures for making cheese, yogurt, pickles, kefir, and more.

    Where to buy kefir products?

    You can buy kefir from your local supermarket or a natural health food store. It’s usually in the dairy case near the yogurt. When shopping for milk kefir, select organic ones to avoid antibiotics and hormones. Also, opt for plain because the flavored ones have more sugar than you want.

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