Does SmartMusic have vocal music?

Does SmartMusic have vocal music?

Moving forward, additional choir titles will be part of our regular repertoire releases. Selecting each part allows you to change the balance of the recording, emphasizing a specific voice so students can more easily hear their part. Keep in mind that this content is just part of what SmartMusic offers singers today.

Can you write music in SmartMusic?

While SmartMusic includes an unrivaled online repertoire library, there may be times when you wish to augment this library with music you’ve created. With Compose, music educators can both create their own notation from scratch as well as import music they’ve made previously.

Why is SmartMusic so bad?

Each time students perform with SmartMusic, a recording is made. This can produce poor-quality recordings and reduced assessment accuracy. Using the setup above, SmartMusic should work with many built-in microphones.

Does SmartMusic work for singers?

Singers not only work on the SmartMusic files at home or school, they submit the assessments and recordings to me through the SmartMusic Gradebook. I can listen at my “leisure” to provide individual feedback and better understand the needs of the singers as I contemplate rehearsal strategies.

How do I put music on SmartMusic?

To import an MP3, click on the MP3 Audio Files menu on the left side of the SmartMusic screen.

  1. The MP3 Audio Files window opens.
  2. Locate your MP3 and select it by double clicking on the file name or clicking the Open button.
  3. A window appears to let you know that your file was successfully imported Click OK.

How do I use MIDI on SmartMusic?

To assign instruments for SmartMusic accompaniment using MIDI…

  1. Choose MIDI/Audio > Play Finale Through MIDI.
  2. Choose MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI Setup.
  3. For MIDI Out Device , choose SmartMusic SoftSynth and click OK.
  4. Choose MIDI/Audio > Reassign Playback Sounds.
  5. Choose Window > Score Manager.
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