How can I activate airtel night pack?

How can I activate airtel night pack?

What is the Night Plan Code? Answer: To subscribe to airtel night, dial *312#. When you dial the code, follow the pop-in prompt and selct 3 for Night Browsing.

What is airtel night plan limit?

5 Hours
The Airtel night plan is valid from Midnight to 5:00 AM the following morning, meaning it is valid for 5 Hours. If you did not finish your data before 5 am, you lost the remaining data because users cannot roll over the airtel night plan.

How can I renew my airtel night pack?

To renew the airtel night bundle is very easy. All you need to do is resubscribe to the plan again. Use the same method you used in subscribing, to subscribe again. Press 3 to see the SmartTrybe offers.

Can I do Airtel night plan twice?

The answer is Yes! Night bundles can be purchased more than once a night. That means not having a 1GB plan doesn’t stop you from accumulating one, for example, if you activate the plan 4x, you’d get 1GB for ₦100 (₦25 x 4).

Can Airtel night plan be done twice?

How can I get 500MB night plan in Airtel?

500MB Night plan for N25 To subscribe for 500MB for just 25 naira, On your mobile device, Dial *312#

What can you do with Airtel USSD code?

USSD codes can be used to check balance, check special offers on number, activate tariff plans and much more. 9) Airtel data loan code – *141# then reply with 3 or dial “52141” and press 2 (You will get 50MB 2G data) So, these are the airtel USSD codes that are very useful and mostly used USSD codes of airtel.

Is there a limit on data usage on Airtel?

Airtel providing limits on per day net balance also. E.g a pack have per day 2GB data limit, once this much internet data has been consumed with in a day. This leads to no internet, or amount will be detected from main balance. *125*1541# is the airtel ussd code for checking net balance for data for per day limit.

Are there any offers to recharge Airtel balance?

Airtel provides time to the recharge offers. These offers are good for saving money. Like without Airtel offers, one has to recharge for main balance for calls and a separate recharge for data. Airtel provides offers like 448 for 82 days unlimited calls and 2GB per day data.

What do you need to know about Airtel home network?

The home network of Airtel has a full subscription of the subscriber. The details include static information, e.g., name, address, etc. and dynamic information, location information, call balance, data balance, etc. The subscriber may require to obtain details from the service provider from time to time for associated balance or services.

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