How can I get old SPPU result?

How can I get old SPPU result?

To view the result please enter your Permanent Registration Number and Birth Date and click on “Download Result” Button. Enter Prn No.

How can I get SPPU eligibility number?

Eligibility Number: Every student gets this number when his eligibility is done by college in eligibility online portal. This number is must for creating profile. Please contact your college to get this number.

How do I pay my SPPU fees online?

How to Pay Exam Form Fee?

  1. SPPU Website :
  2. Exam Form Link :
  3. Students Profile System Log in :
  4. Exam Form Inward by Online Payment User Manual : Click To View PDF.
  5. Inward Exam Form Here : Click To Inward Applicaton.

What is RLE result?

What stands for “R.L.E.” in the Board Examination Result? The term “R.L.E.” in the result column of the candidate means “Result late due to eligibility.” 02. R.L.A. in the result column of a candidate means “Result late due to award.” and time period for taking the additional subject 03.

How to apply for MKCL online admission junction?

The applicant will affix his/her signature on the printed form and submit the duly signed printed application form along with required documents and fee to Application Receipt Center (ARC) established by MKCLThe online application will have following major sections: (Required as per application form) Personal Information section

Is the MKCL top test available for free?

MKCL Top Test, Practice examinations for class 5th to 9th in Marathi, English and Semi-English medium for all the subjects are available online and for free. CLICK HERE to know more. Now MS-CIT is available on your Smartphone. CLICK HERE to know more.

What do you need to know about MKCL sets?

MKCL SeTS : eTendering, eAuctioning, eProcurement and much more MKCL ERA : Inform and perform learning, content and assessment management framework. MKCL SOLAR : Software framework for Channel Partners and Meta Networks.

How to use MKCL’s online application solutions ( Oasis )?

MKCL?s Online Application Solutions and Integrated Services (OASIS) Introduction Framework & Modules Current Projects Services Benefits Clients & Users Downloads Contact Us MKCL’s OASIS > Framework & Modules Online Admission Framework Information Services Module

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