How did Jake Carpenter died?

How did Jake Carpenter died?

Jake Burton Carpenter/Cause of death

Jake Burton Carpenter, Snowboarding Pioneer, Dies At 65 The founder of the massive snowboarding brand Burton Snowboards died Wednesday from complications due to cancer. He was 65.

How old was Jake Carpenter when died?

65 years (1954–2019)
Jake Burton Carpenter/Age at death

What kind of cancer did Jake Burton Carpenter have?

Jake Burton Carpenter, owner of Burton Snowboards, was 65. Carpenter was first diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2011 and underwent successful treatment. However, in early November, he told his employees the cancer had returned.

What did Jake Burton invent?

Burton Snowboards
Jake Burton Carpenter (April 29, 1954 – November 20, 2019), also known as Jake Burton, was an American snowboarder and founder of Burton Snowboards and one of the inventors of the modern day snowboard….

Jake Burton Carpenter
Occupation Snowboarder
Spouse(s) Donna Gaston ​ ( m. 1983)​
Children 3

Is Jake Burton alive?

Deceased (1954–2019)
Jake Burton Carpenter/Living or Deceased

What was the cause of Jake Burton Carpenter death?

Burton founder Jake Burton Carpenter passed away peacefully on November 20, 2019 as a result of complications from recurring cancer. He was our founder, the soul of snowboarding, the one who gave us the sport we all love so much. A few months prior, Jake started to compile a timeline of the most important events of his life in his own words.

Where did Jake Burton Carpenter make his snowboards?

Herr Keil and I connected immediately and went on to manufacture the first snowboards with ski construction, steel edges, a P-Tex base etc. Donna and I moved to Europe and created Burton’s European base in Innsbruck, Austria.

Why is Jake Burton Carpenter in the Hall of Fame?

Burton Carpenter is a member of the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame. Carpenter survived several health scares over the past few years: knee injuries, testicular cancer, pulmonary embolism, and, notably, the Miller Fisher variant of Guillain–Barré syndrome, a rare and serious neurological disorder.

Where does Jake Burton Carpenter live in Vermont?

Carpenter currently resides in Stowe, Vermont, where he lives with his wife, Donna and his son, Timi. Carpenter also has two other sons, George and Taylor.

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