How do I get back to Comstock gate?

How do I get back to Comstock gate?

Booker and Elizabeth must return to the gate outside Comstock’s house. For the last time, they will fight the boss – the spirit of Lady Comstock. This will allow them to enter the estate. As soon as you’ve returned to Lady Comstock’s statue her spirit will appear for the last time to challenge you in a duel.

How do I get into Comstock House?

The only way to return to the bridge is to jump through a hole found in the attic and attach Booker to a maintenance hook. Land to the bridge, go to the other side and then enter Comstock’s house by going through an opened gate.

Where is the final tear BioShock?

The last tear is in a photo studio where you can also find a voxophone and some loot. After you’ve left the bank begin your journey to the Photo Studio (point number 5 on our map). Once you’re there ask Elizabeth to open the door and enter the studio.

Is Lady Comstock bookers wife?

An alternate version of Lady Comstock was Annabelle DeWitt, mother of Elizabeth/Anna and wife of Booker DeWitt. Little is known of her other than Booker making the claim that she died in childbirth.

How do I get to the Comstock House in BioShock Infinite?

Go to Comstock house part 1 | Chapter 28 – Emporia BioShock Infinite guide, walkthrough

  1. When you’re ready to move on with your current mission ask Elizabeth to open the station’s door (she won’t need any lockpicks).
  2. Return to the area near the entrance to the station and open a tear located above the main door.

Is there a map for BioShock Infinite?

Does the game have a map? No, BioShock Infinite doesn’t have an interactive map available at any point in the game.

Is Elizabeth a woman Comstock?

While most people in Columbia believe that Lady Comstock is the mother of Elizabeth, having given birth to her after only a week of pregnancy, it is revealed through voxophone recordings that this is not the case. In reality, Elizabeth’s parents were Booker Dewitt and his wife.

Why did Booker become Comstock?

Feeling regret for allowing herself to become Comstock’s heir, Elizabeth brings Booker to her universe. Comstock is an alternate version of Booker DeWitt. After the Battle of Wounded Knee, Booker was overcome with guilt for the atrocities he committed and sought a way to absolve himself of his sins.

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