How do I get from Fajardo to Vieques?

How do I get from Fajardo to Vieques?

Ferries to Vieques, Puerto Rico Driving from San Juan to Fajardo takes about an hour, and cabs cost roughly $100. Ferry tickets cost $2 per person. Ferries typically take about an hour and a half to reach Vieques, but the duration can vary based on weather conditions. Ferries often depart later than scheduled.

Where do you catch the ferry to Vieques?

Although it is by far the least expensive way to get to Vieques, the ferry does have its downsides. First, the terminal is located in Ceiba, which is about an hour (or more) from San Juan on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. Second, the ferry has a reputation for being unreliable and a bit of a hassle.

How long is the ferry ride from Fajardo to Vieques?

about 30 minutes
The Ferry Ride Ride Length – The ride on the new Puerto Rico Fast Ferry (passenger only) generally takes about 30 minutes. The time may vary upon the boat you board and weather conditions. The ATM cargo ferries will take a little longer – about 45 minutes.

How much is the ferry from Fajardo to Vieques?

A typical ticket from Fajardo to Vieques (or from Vieques to Fajardo) costs US$2 one-way and US$4 round-trip. The Vieques Ferry system runs services from and to Fajardo each day of the week for passengers, and from Mondays to Fridays for cargo-only travel.

How many days do you need in Vieques?

So if a day trip isn’t long enough, how long SHOULD you stay on Vieques? Personally, I think you need at least 3 days to explore all of Vieques. A longer trip of 5-7 days would be great, too, especially if you like to take things a bit slower, but 2-3 nights is perfect as an add-on to a longer trip in Puerto Rico.

Where to buy ferry tickets to Vieques Puerto Rico?

All tickets must be pre-purchased at, there will not be any tickets available for purchase in person at the terminal. Vieques residents still have priority over tourists and visitors and you may get bumped off onto the next ferry if it is full.

Is there a ferry from Ceiba to Vieques?

For years the Fajardo ferry was a poor experience for both tourists and residents of the island. Finally, in October 2018, the long awaited “short route” from Ceiba to Vieques began. The government is working on improving all aspects of ferry transportation, facilities at the terminal are a work in progress but fully functional.

How long is the ferry from Isabel to Vieques?

The time may vary upon the boat you board and weather conditions. The ATM cargo ferries will take a little longer – about 45 minutes. For now, the Vieques route will be to Isabel Segunda/Town pier (some time in the future, they will be using the Mosquito Pier).

Is there a ferry from Vieques to New Orleans?

Ferry schedule, trips, & travel information to make getting to Vieques by ferry a breeze! **3/14/2021 – Updated COVID-19 Procedures: Starting March 14th, tourists and visitors will be allowed on the passenger ferry to/from Vieques with a negative PCR COVID-19 test (taken no less than 72 hours prior to departure).

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