How do I get to the Blue Ghost Tunnel?

How do I get to the Blue Ghost Tunnel?

The Blue Ghost Tunnel location is behind the GM engine plant in Thorold (map below). To access it, you have to travel down a service road that is labelled off limits to pedestrian traffic, so enter at your own risk.

What happened to the Blue Ghost Tunnel?

This railway tunnel near St. Catharines, Ontario, was built approximately 140 years ago and closed just over a century ago after a double swing bridge for a newer railway was constructed.

Why is it called the Blue Ghost Tunnel?

Years before the Ghost Walks began, a paranormal investigator named Russ made his way to the Merritton Tunnel. He was given directions to the Screaming Tunnel, but got lost. Somehow stumbled on a pathway past the abandoned canal lock. This gave Russ inspiration for the now famous name, “Blue Ghost Tunnel”.

How many tunnels does the Welland Canal have?

Three tunnels pass under the Welland Canal – the Thorold Tunnel and the Main Street and Townline Tunnels in Welland.

Is the Thorold Tunnel open right now?

The Ministry of Transport confirming the tunnel is open.

Where is the Haunted tunnel?

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) It has been called by some one of the most haunted tunnels on earth. Sensabaugh Tunnel lies in Kingsport in Sensabaugh Hollow.

When was the Thorold Tunnel built?

1965 and 1968
The construction of the Thorold Tunnel took place between 1965 and 1968. The section of the tunnel directly under the canal was built in an open cut while the canal was drained during the winters.

When was the third Welland Canal built?

Lock 1. The Third Welland Canal was built in 1875 and it intersected between country land from Twelve Mile Creek to Thorold. It took 8 years to construct the canal.

How long is the Thorold tunnel?

840 metres
The Thorold Tunnel is an underwater tunnel in Thorold, Ontario, Canada carrying Highway 58 underneath the Welland Canal. Built between 1965 and 1967, the tunnel is 840 metres in length and consists of two separate tubes each containing two lanes of traffic.

What year did the Thorold tunnel open?

Construction of the Thorold tunnel began in 1965 and was completed in 1967.

Why do they call it the faze rug tunnel?

Why is it called the faze rug tunnel check Here? It also gets speculated that this tunnel branch itself into many other tunnels forming an extensive tunnel system. Many consider that this tunnel way itself into Mexico. This tunnel is supposed to be the system used for transporting cocaine or any other kind of drug.

When was the Blue Ghost tunnel in St Catharines built?

“The Blue Ghost Tunnel”, also known as “The Merritton Tunnel” due to its proximity to Merritton (now a part of St. Catharines), was constructed in the mid – 1870’s as a part of the 3rd Welland Canal.

When did the Blue Ghost tunnel close down?

Completed in 1876, the tunnel was converted to occasional use in 1887, and closed completely in 1915. Several grim accidents and events have happened at or near its location which kick started the legend of the century old blue ghost tunnel.

How many people died in the Blue Mist tunnel?

Although attempts were made to move the graves an estimated 900 graves still lie beneath the pond today. There were a total of 107 men were killed during the construction of the tunnel and the canal in its surrounding area all of these events have help build the legend of the blue mist tunnel.

Who was the fireman that died in the Blue Ghost tunnel?

Hamilton Paranormal continues to state that the newspaper article outlines minor injuries for both engineers but instant death for Fireman, Charles Horning. The other Fireman, Abraham Desult, died five hours after being taken to the hospital for severe burns. Tragic.

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