How do I identify UK coins?

How do I identify UK coins?

  1. The Decimal Half Penny v17 01/12/15.
  2. The Decimal Penny v19 01/12/15.
  3. The Decimal Two Pence v20 11/01/16.
  4. The Decimal Five Pence v19 11/01/16.
  5. The Decimal Ten Pence v19 12/01/16.
  6. The Decimal Twenty Pence v15 12/01/16.
  7. The Decimal Fifty Pence v39 13/12/17.
  8. Fifty Pence, Olympic Types v5 25/10/18.

Which British coins are most valuable?

Most valuable and rare UK coins to look for

  • 1973 EEC 50 Pence Coin – valued at £3,000.
  • 2012 London Olympics Aquatics Fifty Pence – valued at £1,500.
  • 1983 Two Pence “New Pence” Coin – valued at £500.
  • 2015 Silver Two Pence Coin – valued at £485.
  • 2009 Kew Gardens Fifty Pence Coin – valued at £170.

What is the most common coin in the UK?

1933 penny
Undoubtedly the most famous British coin is the 1933 penny. Despite there being enough pennies circulating naturally that none needed to be created in 1933, a few ‘pattern’ versions were created that never actually went into production. There were only four in existence and one went up for sale in 2016 for £72,000.

What are old UK coins made of?

Steel. The ‘Copper’ 1p and 2p coins were traditionally made from a bronze alloy of copper, tin and zinc. However, since September 1992 they have been made from copper-plated steel.

What old UK pennies are worth a lot of money?

Rare and valuable British coins

  • 1933 George V Penny. Undoubtedly the most famous British coin is the 1933 penny.
  • 1917 King George V Gold Sovereign London.
  • 1937 Edward VIII Brass Threepence.
  • 1996 Football European Championship £2.

Where is the home page of Tony Clayton?

Tony Clayton’s Home Page Tony Clayton’s Home Page From Lincolnshire in England Please click on the appropriate image or title to continue Values and History of Coins of the UK

Who is the author of coins of the UK?

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Where can I find the coins of the UK?

The two sites are now merged back together again. There are three main sets of pages dealing with the coins of the United Kingdom. The History Pageswhich detail the history of the individual denominations used since before the Norman Conquest. The Main Indexfor these is on this page.

Is there a two penny coin in the UK?

There is a rare two penny coin, but it is only the one dated 1983 with NEW PENCE on the reverse. From 1971 to 1981 all UK circulating coins used the words NEW PENCE to distinguish them from the old pre-decimal pennies. In 1982 it was felt that this had gone on long enough, and the legends were changed,…

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