How do I turn off Active Desktop in Windows XP?

How do I turn off Active Desktop in Windows XP?

To enable or disable Active Desktop in Windows XP Click the Web tab. Under “Web pages:”, add the page that you want on your desktop and check the box next to it. This will enable the Active Desktop. If you wish to disable the Active Desktop, uncheck the box next to the web page.

How do I reset my registry to default Windows XP?

Click the “Start” button in the lower-left corner of your desktop. Scroll up and click “Run.” Type “%SystemRoot%\System32\Restore\Rstrui.exe” (without the quotes) in the field and press the “OK” button. Press the “Restore my computer to an earlier time” choice and then click the “Next” button.

How do I fix Active Desktop Recovery Windows XP?

Fix Windows XP Active Desktop Recovery Error

  1. Click Start > Run, type regedit and hit enter.
  2. Inside regedit find the following key:
  3. Find the key DeskHtmlVersion and double click it.
  4. Make the Value data: 0.
  5. Click ok.
  6. Now refresh your desktop or restart.

How to turn off Active Desktop in Windows XP?

Every now and then it seems Active Desktop gets turned on randomly by Windows XP when I am switching Wallpapers. The normal method given to turn off Active Desktop is: 1. Right Click on your Desktop, click properties 2. Go to the Desktop Tab and click Customize Desktop 3. Go to the Web Tab and uncheck all boxes or delete all pages listed.

Is the Windows Active Desktop still in Windows 7?

Note: The Windows Active Desktop is a feature included in Windows 95 (with the release of Internet Explorer 4.0) through Windows XP. It was discontinued and replaced with Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista (renamed to Windows Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7) and live tiles in Windows 8.

How to fix Active Desktop recovery in Windows XP?

How to fix the “Active Desktop Recovery” problem (Windows XP). Method 1. Fix Active Desktop from Display Properties. Method 2. Fix Active Desktop problem using Windows Registry. Method 1. Fix “Active Desktop Recovery” problem from Display Properties. 1. Right-click anywhere on an empty space on your desktop and select Properties.

Why is there no restore my Active Desktop?

The problem commonly occurs after the installation of Internet Explorer 7, if a web page is used as a wallpaper. The ” Active Desktop Recovery ” background screen, offers you the chance to fix the problem by clicking the ” Restore my Active Desktop ” button, but when you click at this button, nothing happens.

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