How do I uncomment in eclipse?

How do I uncomment in eclipse?

To uncomment a line / lines:

  1. Select the required line(s).
  2. Press Ctrl + / The commenting formatting will be removed from the code.

How do you uncomment multiple lines of code in Eclipse?

1- Use “Crtl + Shift + C” to comment and uncomment (toggle). Preferable one. Now you can use “Crtl + Shift + \” to uncomment when needed.

How do you uncomment code?

If you select a block of code and use the key sequence Ctrl+K+C, you’ll comment out the section of code. Ctrl+K+U will uncomment the code.

How do you uncomment multiple lines in cucumber feature in Eclipse?

9.2) you can simply select the lines and toggle them into comments and back. The default shortcuts are Ctrl+K,C to comment and Ctrl+K,U to uncomment. You can also “workaround” this problem in Visual Studio using the multi-line editing feature.

What does uncomment mean in coding?

Therefore to “uncomment” a line of code is done by removing the “//“ and causes the compiler to execute that line of code.

What is CucumberOptions?

What is Cucumber Options? In layman language, @CucumberOptions are like property files or settings for your test. Basically @CucumberOptions enables us to do all the things that we could have done if we have used cucumber command line. One is for Feature File and the other is for Step Definition file.

How do you comment Featured files?

Comments in Feature File In Eclipse, to comment a multi-line or use block comment first select all the line to be commented and then press Ctrl + /. Similarly, to remove comments, we need to press Ctrl + \.

What does uncomment mean?

To uncomment something means to remove the characters that makes it a comment. The expression only makes sense if the comment contains something that would work as code, usually something that was commented out earlier. To uncomment a regular comment would just cause a syntax error.

How do I comment in YAML file in eclipse?

The shortcut key combination for commenting YAML blocks is Ctrl+Q.

Is there a shortcut to uncomment in Eclipse?

Select the code you want to comment, then use Ctr + / to comment and Ctrl + \\ to uncomment. It may not work for all types of source files, but it works great for Java code. In eclipse Pressing Ctrl + Shift + L, will list all the shortcuts. Ctrl + Shift + C .

How to uncomment a block of code in Eclipse?

To uncomment block of code (3 or more lines of code) Step 1: select block of code which is already commented Press CTRL + SHIFT + together Step 2: press CTRL + SHIFT + simultaneously

How to uncomment multiline code in Eclipse Stack Overflow?

Select the lines of code u wanna comment/uncomment. Then hit “Ctrl + / ” to comment/uncomment. Just replace * with whitespace and remove extra slashes. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

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