How do I unlock my WD hard drive?

How do I unlock my WD hard drive?

  1. go to the wd smartware and go to the security and place a password on your my book.
  2. safely remove it from the computer, and unplug it from your computer.
  3. plug it back into the computer and place in the password you just made.
  4. go back into the security and place the password in again and ask it to take of the password.

How do I turn off WD Unlocker on Mac?

To uninstall WD Unlocker, you would need to have WD Security installed.

  1. Connect your hard drive that you want to remove WD unlocker from.
  2. Double click on WD security and and a box for “”Edit Security Setting” will pop-up.
  3. There is an option for “Remove Password”, if it is not already selected, select it.

How do I remove WD Unlocker from external hard drive?

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  1. Press Windows logo + X keys on the keyboard and select Disk management from the context menu.
  2. Right click on the drive to format, select Format from the context menu, click on OK and wait for the drive to be formatted.
  3. After the formatting is complete, right click on the drive and select Delete.

How do I unlock my WD Passport without deleting everything?

Unfortunately, if the OP has really forgot his/her password, the only way to unlock that external WD Passport would be to format it and lose the data. The password protection on the drive is there to prevent people from accessing your drive, redbart!

How do you delete WD drive unlock?

How do you unlock a disk on a Mac?

See this post for details.

  1. Boot your Mac and hold down ⌘-R (Command –R) to boot from the Mac’s Recovery HD partition.
  2. Open Disk Utility.
  3. Select your locked hard drive.
  4. Under the File menu, select Unlock “Drive Name” or Turn Off Encryption… , based on what you want to do.

How do you reset a locked hard drive?

Right-click the partition on the hard drive you want to erase and select “Format” from the context menu. Follow the prompts and make sure the “Perform a quick format” option is deselected. It will take several minutes to erase and reformat the drive. After formatting, the drive can be used normally.

How do I remove a WD My Book drive?

Western Digital My Book – Opening the Case – Removing the Drive

  1. Locate the two rubber pads on the bottom of the enclosure near the front, curved surface.
  2. Slide the clear plastic LED front panel conduit forward and remove.
  3. Rotate the hard drive/carrier assembly sideways and then lift away from the case.
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