How do you find the surface tension of mercury?

How do you find the surface tension of mercury?

The constant ke to be used in equation (2) can be calculated from the Pt value using equation (4). With a mercury surface tension γ = 0.485 N/m, a contact angle θ = 130° and Pt = 45 MPa, one obtains ke = 86.3 nm MPa0.25.

What is the surface tension of mercury?

Surface-tension values

Surface tension for some interfaces
Mercury–air 25 °C 485.5
Mercury–air 30 °C 484.5
NaCl–air 1073 °C 115
KClO3–air 20 °C 81

Which method is useful for measuring surface tension of mercury?

sessile drop
He chose the “sessile drop”method to measure the surface tension.

Why does mercury have high surface tension?

The water molecule has two hydrogen atoms bond to an oxygen atom through covalent bonding. As mercury is a metal, the bonds between the molecules are metal bonds that are much stronger than the hydrogen bonds leading to very high cohesive forces and high surface tension.

What affects surface tension?

Surface tension depends mainly upon the forces of attraction between the particles within the given liquid and also upon the gas, solid, or liquid in contact with it. An increase in temperature lowers the net force of attraction among molecules and hence decreases surface tension.

Which has more surface tension water or mercury?

Water has high surface tension due to extremely high molecular binding force of water caused by the hydrogen bond between water molecules. Mercury, which is commonly known as quicksilver and was formerly named hydrargyrum (from Greek “hydr-” water and “argyros” silver), has stronger surface tension than water.

What liquid has the highest surface tension?

Besides mercury, water has the highest surface tension for all liquids, which is due to the hydrogen bonding in water molecules. The surface tension of water causes water molecules at the surface of the liquid (in contact with air) to hold closely together, forming an invisible film.

What are the factors that affect surface tension?

Hint: Surface tension is the property of liquid caused by the imbalance of molecular forces at the surface of the liquid. Factors causing the change in molecular forces also affect the surface tension. The value of surface tension depends on the nature of the liquid, surrounding environment and purity of the liquid.

What is quincke’s method in surface tension?

Quincke’s method with Worthington’s correction was used. Contrary to the accepted values the maximum surface tension of mercury (515±7 dynes/cm at 31°C) is reached when only mercury vapor is present. The tension falls as the gas is adsorbed until an equilibrium value for a given pressure is attained.

What happens if surface tension decreases?

Washing with cold water: The major reason for using hot water for washing is that its surface tension is lower and it is a better wetting agent. But if the detergent lowers the surface tension, the heating may be unnecessary. Surface tension and droplets: Surface tension is responsible for the shape of liquid droplets.

Does salt increase surface tension?

NaCl salts cause an increase of the surface tension and the residence time of interfacial water molecules. They also decrease the residence time of interfacial n-decane molecules.

What liquid has the lowest surface tension?

Hexane, C6H14, has the lowest surface tension of all the liquids given here. Hexane is a non-polar molecule, the only intermolecular forces acting between hexane molecules in the liquid will be the weakest of all the intermolecular forces, London forces (also known as dispersion forces).

Why does Mercury have stronger surface tension than water?

Being a heavy, silvery d-block element, mercury is the only metal that is liquid at standard temperature and pressure conditions. Why does mercury have stronger surface tension than water?

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