How do you make a termbase in Trados 2021?

How do you make a termbase in Trados 2021?

Creating termbases

  1. Do one of the following: For existing projects, go to the Projects view, select Project Settings, and then on the Project Settings page, go to Language Pairs > All Language Pairs > Termbases.
  2. Select Create > New File-based Termbase.
  3. Follow the steps in the Termbase Wizard.

How do I create termbase in Excel?

1) Click on Termbase>Create termbase and specify a route and name to save it. Then click on Next and follow the steps detailed by the wizard. 2) The first step is to create your database from the structure of the definition file that you created earlier (. xdt).

How do you use termbase in Trados?

From the Trados Studio Editor, you can:

  1. Open a termbase.
  2. Check the termbase source language to find terms for which the translation could be used.
  3. Insert the translated term found by the lookup to the current segment.
  4. Search the termbase for a specific word.

What is a termbase SDL?

An SDL MultiTerm termbase is a database containing terms and term-related information. Each termbase can store an unlimited number of entries. The termbase can be searched in any language direction. Terms are sorted in language fields so that entries are sorted according to language, for example English and German.

How do you make termbase?

  1. Start the MultiTerm Desktop application.
  2. On the Termbase menu, click Create Termbase.
  3. Select the folder where you want to save the new termbase, enter a file name, and click Save.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select Use a predefined termbase template and then click Next.

What is MultiTerm Trados?

Terminology management at its best Ensure the quality of vocabulary and specific terms by using RWS’s terminology management tool, MultiTerm. It can be used as a standalone desktop tool to create terminology databases and glossaries or with Trados Studio to improve overall translation quality and efficiency.

How do I convert Excel to TBX?

2. Export Your Spreadsheet to TBX

  1. First, click “Pairaphrase” in your Excel ribbon.
  2. Click “Quick Export”
  3. Then, choose a Source Language and Target Language.
  4. Click “Next”
  5. Now your file is checked for data that doesn’t meet the criteria of a TBX file.
  6. Click “Next”

Is MultiTerm free?

Please note: MultiTerm is included for free, and will be available to download from your SDL Account, when you purchase any Trados Studio license.

What is MultiTerm widget?

The SDL MultiTerm Widget allows you to organize the vast number of terminology collections and search engines available on the internet and makes them available for you in one single place while you work.

How do I convert a TBX file?

Follow these steps:

  1. Rename the WSXZ package to *.zip and extract it.
  2. Open SDL Multiterm Convert, start a new conversion session and click Next.
  3. Select TermBase eXchange format.
  4. In the Input file field, click Browse, navigate/select the TBX file from the WSXZ package and click Next.

What is a TBX file?

TBX, or TermBase eXchange, is the international standard for representing and exchanging information about terms, words, and other lexical data. It defines a family of formats that share a common structure and a limited range of information types.

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