How do you use admitted in a sentence?

How do you use admitted in a sentence?

Admitted sentence example

  1. He was admitted to the kindergarten on the sixth of April.
  2. He admitted that he actually went because he had connections – heritage.
  3. “I don’t know,” Bianca admitted after a hesitation.
  4. “I miss my friend Wynn,” she admitted softly.
  5. Before noon the next day the gardener was admitted to the palace.

How do you use stupefying in a sentence?

Stupefying in a Sentence 馃攭

  1. My dog clearly finds it stupefying when I pretend to throw his ball, then show him that I still have it in my hand.
  2. Stupefying my infant son is as easy as pulling out a toy he didn’t know I had from behind my back.

What does admitted mean in a sentence?

to agree that something is true, especially unwillingly: He admitted his guilt/mistake. [ + (that) ] She admitted (that) she had made a mistake. [ + -ing verb ] She admitted making a mistake. At first he denied stealing the money but he later admitted (to) it.

What does it mean to admit something?

: to admit (something) : to acknowledge the truth or existence of (something) He reluctantly admitted to knowing her. He admitted to his guilt.

Is stupefy a real word?

verb (used with object), stu路pe路fied, stu路pe路fy路ing. to put into a state of little or no sensibility; benumb the faculties of; put into a stupor. to stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion.

Is stupefied a real word?

stupefied adjective (TIRED) unable to think clearly, usually because someone is extremely tired or bored, or has taken drugs: Stupefied by tiredness, she just sat in front of the fire.

What type of word is admitted?

admit is a verb, admissible is an adjective, admission is a noun:The criminal admitted his guilt. The evidence was not admissible in a court of law.

What is the definition of admission?

Medical Definition of admission. : the act or process of accepting someone into a hospital, clinic, or other treatment facility as an inpatient The patient was unconscious upon admission to the hospital. also : someone who is so admitted Many new admissions are discharged after a day’s examination.

What is a hospital admission procedure?

Hospital Admission Procedure includes preparation of admitting patient, perform admission procedure, emergency admission, Routine admission, transfer in and discharge. Nurses need to follow strict protocol regarding admission and discharge in the hospital.

What is the definition of hospital admission?

Definition of Hospital admission. Hospital admission means admission of a [Member] to a Hospital as an Inpatient for Medically Necessary and Appropriate care and treatment of a Illness or Injury.

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