How does Arnold Friend represent the devil?

How does Arnold Friend represent the devil?

Arnold Friend Symbolizes the Devil in Where are you Going, Where Have you been? Arnold Friend clearly symbolizes the devil through his physical traits, his knowledge of Connie, and his power over her kind of like he was hypnotizing her to go with him. First, Arnold Friend’s physical traits portray him as Satan.

Is Arnold Friend a demon?

Arnold Friend, with his suggestive name that hints at “Arch Fiend,” is an ambiguous figure who may be either demon or human, fantasy or reality. Arnold makes a grand entrance at Connie’s house in his gold convertible, but beyond his ostentatious car, his appearance is less than impressive.

What does Arnold Friend represent?

Arnold Friend could be said to symbolize the devil. Like the devil, he’s superficially friendly and charming, but in actual fact turns out to be the incarnation of evil. Arnold’s physical traits, as well as his behavior towards Connie, point towards his representing the devil himself.

What is ironic about Arnold Friend?

In “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?,” the surname of the antagonist, Arnold Friend, is ironic because he is definitely not a friend. Despite claiming to be friendly and polite, he is menacing to Connie. He wants to be her lover through force.

Why can’t Connie resist Arnold?

Connie is alone Without any morals instilled in her by her parents, Connie is without any moral to draw from to withstand Arnold Friend. Thus, she is susceptible to the terrors of Friend who virtually overpowers her with the threat of physical domination as well as the psychological threat of harm to her family.

Why is Arnold Friend attracted to Connie?

Arnold is attracted to Connie’s beauty and the innocence of her youth. As the author outlines at the beginning of the story, Connie has the type of long, dark blonde hair that attracts admiring looks—looks which, at the age of 15, she is becoming increasingly aware of.

Is Connie attracted to Arnold Friend?

Because she is interested in the opposite sex and willing to keep her actions secret from her family, she is attractive to a predator like Arnold Friend. He knows that she is inexperienced but somewhat willing (until she gets in over her head).

Why is Connie suspicious about Arnold Friend?

What causes Connie to become suspicious about Arnold Friend in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” From the start Connie is unsure about Arnold Friend. However, she is intrigued by him and finds him interesting. He dresses like other teenage boys, and Connie likes his jeans, boots, and T-shirt.

What do the numbers 33 19 17 mean?

When Connie asks him what the stuff painted on his car means, Arnold goes through the various sayings and eventually comes to the numbers 33,19, 17. Harold Hurley posits that the numbers carry a sexual connotations because when added together they equal 69, a sexual position.

Why is Arnold friend attracted to Connie?

Why does Connie finally go outside as Arnold demands?

Arnold instructs Connie to come outside and says she is better than her family because they would not sacrifice themselves for her, as she is about to sacrifice herself for them.

Why does Arnold want Connie?

Because she is interested in the opposite sex and willing to keep her actions secret from her family, she is attractive to a predator like Arnold Friend. Connie will not be difficult to take advantage of, and Arnold Friend recognizes that.

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