How long is AIT for 15E?

How long is AIT for 15E?

17 weeks
Job training for an unmanned aircraft systems repairer requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 17 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom, and part takes place in the field.

Do 15E see combat?

15E unmanned aircraft systems repairers study UAS maintenance support on FH. Fort Huachuca, AZ. “UAS offers a unique vision of the battlefield which provides over-watch for ground troops engaged in combat and convoy operations.

Where is 15W AIT?

Today, 15W training falls under the 2-13th Aviation Regiment, a tenant unit on Fort Huachuca. The brigade’s headquarters and command staff is located at Fort Rucker, Ala. The UAS operator’s course is currently 21 weeks long and consists of two phases.

What Mos is drone pilot?

As a result, you will learn aerodynamics and become expert remote pilots of drones as MOS 15W. You will also perform pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight checks and procedures. Army UAV Operators must also launch and recover airframes from the runway.

What is the MOS for Army aviation?

Aviation Operations Specialist (MOS 15P) The Specialist schedules and dispatches tactical aircraft missions for the military branch.

What is the 15 series MOS?

The 15 Series MOS relates to aviation and transportation military specialties. Consequently, the Army Aviation Center develops new recruits to join 15 Series MOS for a fulfilling career. Army personnel that serves 15 Series MOS provide repairs, maintenance, and operation of manned and unmanned aircraft.

What does MOS 15E stand for in military category?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer (MOS 15E) An Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer (MOS 15E) deals with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The military is becoming increasingly reliant on unmanned aerial vehicles to perform operations. Therefore, MOS 15E Repairers provide maintenance and repairs of working components.

What can a MOS 15E repairer do for You?

Therefore, MOS 15E Repairers provide maintenance and repairs of working components. Army MOS 15E mechanics repair the avionics, electrical, fuel systems, and propulsion of a UAV. All in all, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairers (MOS 15E) allow UAVs to fly and transmit reliable information.

What are the qualifications for MOS 15E unmanned aircraft?

Qualifications for initial award of MOS 15E, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer: PULHES: 222221. Physical Demands Rating: moderately heavy. Required ASVAB Score: MM: 100 & EL: 105.

What is the job description for MOSC 15e1o?

MOSC 15E1O. Diagnose, troubleshoots and repairs malfunctions in Unmanned Aircraft Systems electrical, avionics, radio frequency, propulsion, fuel, optical payload, and weapon systems components including solid state and transistorized subsystems according to pertinent technical manuals, directives and safety procedures.

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