How long is the Toorongo Falls walk?

How long is the Toorongo Falls walk?

2.2 km
Distance: 2.2 km circuit. Time: 45 mins – 1 hr. Grade: Easy.

Can you swim at Toorongo Falls?

The track has an option of a 1.5km return trek to the Toorongo Falls or are 2.2km round trip which takes you to the Amphitheatre Falls also- worth doing the round trip as the Amphitheater falls are just as good. I went off the track at these falls and found a great little area to swim at the top!

Are dogs allowed at noojee?

over a year ago. Yes, we did see some people with their dog on a leash on our visit. over a year ago. Yes on lead is ok we did!

How do I get to Trentham Falls?

Getting there: From Melbourne take the Calder Fwy and then Black Forest Drive to Woodend. In Woodend turn left at Forest St and follow it to Tylden. At Tylden turn left at Trentham Rd and then right after 8 km at Trentham Falls Rd. The falls are 2-3 km along this road.

What part of Gippsland is Warragul?

West Gippsland region
Warragul is the main population and service centre of the West Gippsland region and the Shire of Baw Baw.

Can you take your dog to Toorongo Falls?

The Toorongo Falls Reserve is a picturesque area of 16 hectares beside the Toorongo and little Toorongo Rivers in tall mountain forest. It’s got great walking tracks and stunning scenery. Dogs are welcome in the reserve as long as they are on a lead/under control.

Can you walk to the bottom of Trentham Falls?

The falls are 2-3 km along this road. Prohibitions including whether you can bring your dog: The 70 metre walking track to the base of the falls is closed (see notes above). Dogs must be on a lead.

Can you swim in Trentham Falls?

So no, you cannot swim at the base of Trentham Falls nor can you access the falls themselves. Those whom are experts have determined that the erosion, weathering & constant stream of visitors have caused the paths & surrounding rock structures to become hazardous to life.

What is the biggest town in Gippsland?

As at the 2016 Australian census, Gippsland had a population of 271,266, with the principal population centres of the region, in descending order of population, Traralgon, Moe, Warragul, Morwell, Sale, Bairnsdale, Drouin, Leongatha, and Phillip Island.

What is the Aboriginal name for Warragul?

Warragul (or warrigal, worrigle, warragal) is a New South Wales Indigenous word from the Darug language meaning wild dog or dingo.

How do you get down the bottom of Trentham Falls?

You’ve probably heard the news, the walking trail down to Trentham Falls was closed in 2015 by Parks Victoria. However, the lookout point is open and can be reached by a 70-metre walk from the carpark either via stairs or a steep, gravel ramp.

Why is Trentham closed?

This site is currently closed due to storm damage (June 2021).

How tall are the falls at Toorongo River?

Toorongo Falls was an impressively tall waterfall (I’m guessing at least 30m tall) with reliable flow on the Little Toorongo River. The smaller Amphitheatre Falls, on the adjacent Toorongo river, was a bonus waterfall to the Toorongo Falls.

How to get to Toorongo falls from Noojee?

En-route to Toorongo Falls you’ll enjoy plenty of scenic eye candy, as Toorongo Valley Road follows the Toorongo River up a beautiful valley lined with native bush and well maintained paddocks. The drive ends as you reach the Toorongo Falls Reserve, which is the starting point for the walk and encompasses a number of waterfalls.

Which is better Toorongo falls or amphitheatre falls?

Amphitheatre Falls is the smaller falls of the two in Toorongo Reserve, but an equally enjoyable experience. About 600 metres further along the track is the peaceful Amphitheatre Falls, while not as high as Toorongo Falls, what it lacks in height it makes up for in beauty.

How to get to Toorongo falls from Warragul?

Take the M1 towards Warragul, turning left at the Drouin exit and following Main Neerim Rd north before taking a right onto Yarra Junction – Noojee Rd, which will take you into Noojee. From here, follow Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd then take the turnoff to Toorongo Valley Rd that will lead you all the way to the Toorongo Falls Reserve.

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