How many boxes are there in ge9 cell matrix?

How many boxes are there in ge9 cell matrix?

The GE-Mckinsey matrix is also known as the nine-box matrix because there are nine boxes on the graph. If a business unit is strong with strong market attractiveness, the company should grow the business.

How many cells are in a GE nine cell matrix?

Description: GE matrix consists of nine cells based on two key variables: i) Business Strength and the vertical axis represents Industry Attractiveness.

What is GE Matrix explain in detail?

The GE matrix was developed by Mckinsey and Company consultancy group in the 1970s. The nine cell grid measures business unit strength against industry attractiveness and this is the key difference. Whereas BCG is limited to products, business units can be products, whole product lines, a service or even a brand.

What is GE Matrix used for?

The GE Matrix is a 3×3 matrix designed to help you decide where your investment for resources should be within a business. You can think of it as similar to the arguably more famous BCG Matrix, in that you allocate products or activities within each box in order to determine future actions.

What are the limitations of GE nine cell matrix?


  • This matrix does not take into account the synergies between various products. Discontinuing one might adversely impact another.
  • The scoring of the various factors using the weights is subjective and leaves the tool open to bias.
  • It does not help in allocating the relative investments for each product.

What is GE matrix model?

The GE / McKinsey matrix is a model used to assess the strength of a strategic business unit (SBU) of a corporation. It analyzes market attractiveness and competitive strength to determine the overall strength of a SBU. The GE Matrix is plotted in a two-dimensional, 3 x 3 grid.

How does the Ge Nine cell matrix work?

It is a framework that evaluates business portfolio and provides further strategic implications. Each business is appraised in terms of two major dimensions – Market Attractiveness and Business Strength. If one of these factors is missing, then the business will not produce desired results.

Which is the best BCG matrix for Samsung?

BCG Matrix for Samsung. Samsung is one the renowned company which has been operating in electronics industry. Samsung owns various business units which can be analyzed using BCG matrix.

What do you need to know about the GE McKinsey matrix?

What is the GE-McKinsey Matrix? The GE-McKinsey Matrix is a tool that helps companies decide which of its Products, Services or Business Units are worth investing into. It focuses on 2 variables:

Why did GE use McKinsey to create the Nine box framework?

At the time, companies usually relied on projections of future cash flows, future market growth or some other future projections to make investment decisions, which was an unreliable method to allocate the resources. Therefore, GE consulted the McKinsey & Company and as a result the nine-box framework was designed.

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