How many CEUs do I need for AFAA?

How many CEUs do I need for AFAA?

15 hours
How many AFAA CEUs do I need to recertify? To satisfy the minimum AFAA CEU requirement you must earn 15 hours of CEUs every two years. Are there additional AFAA-CPT recertification requirements? AFAA professionals also need to maintain their current CPR and AED certifications.

How many CEUs is CPR worth for AFAA?

0.1 CEUs
AFAA units will be equivalent to two times (2x) the amount of college credit (i.e., 3 credit hours = 0.6 AFAA CEUs). Category D: CPR/AED certification – The CPR/AED certification is a MANDATORY requirement. All CPR/AED courses are worth 0.1 CEUs and must have a hands-on training component.

How do I add CEUs to AFAA?

STEP 1: Fill out contact and continuing education information. STEP 2: Make your payment online at or by phone at 800-446-2322. STEP 3: Sign and date this application. STEP 4: Email or mail complete documentation*.

What is the difference between NASM and AFAA?

AFAA has always been considered the second best primary certification for group exercise behind ACE. While NASM is arguably the “best” Personal Trainer Certification available on the market, the organization has always been geared more towards specializations for the personal trainers in a one-on-one setting.

How much does AFAA certification cost?

How much does AFAA certification cost? The personal fitness trainer certification costs $499 with a 4-times interest-free payment plan. This includes a soft copy study guide, online exams, 14 online videos, and 120 Q&A.

How difficult is AFAA exam?

AFAA stands for the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. AFAA is one of the most well-established certifications for personal trainers. The test is not considered easy, but there is a bounty of resources available to help you. The important thing is to not take preparation lightly.

How long is AFAA certification good for?

two years
10.2 Your certification or credentials must be renewed every two years. To recertify or renew your credentials, you must earn at least 15 approved hours of continuing education (15 CEUs) and at least 2 hours must be from AFAA continuing education courses.

Is AFAA better than Ace?

AFAA vs ACE Quick information The AFAA personal trainer cert has a stronger focus on aerobic training whereas ACE personal trainer cert is more of an all-around general personal training certificate. Both AFAA and ACE CPT certification are well-recognized in the industry and are both NCCA accredited certifications.

How long does it take to get AFAA certified?

Once you pass the exam, you will be able to print a temporary certificate from your Account Page after three to five business days. An official certificate will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks of passing the exam.

Which is better AFAA or Ace?

How long is AFAA certification?

Which is better ACE or AFAA for group fitness?

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