How many local government does Katagum have?

How many local government does Katagum have?

six local government areas
Muhammad Kabir Umar, late emir of Katagum. Katagum Emirate in Bauchi State is the second largest emirate next to Bauchi Emirate in terms of population and size as it is made up of six local government areas out of the twenty that made up Bauchi State.

What is the population of Katagum?


Name Status Population Census 2006-03-21
Katagum Local Government Area 293,020
Katagum 411,700 Population [2016] – Projection 1,395 km² Area 295.1/km² Population Density [2016] 3.5% Annual Population Change [2006 → 2016]
Nigeria Federal Republic 140,431,790

Is Azare a local government?

Azare is the headquarter of Katagum division in Bauchi State, Azare town is bounded to the east by Damban LGA and Potiskum Yobe State and to the south by Misau Local Government, in the west by Jama’are Local Government, and to the north by Itas/Gadau Local Government Area of Bauchi State. …

What is Bauchi known for?

Agriculture dominates the economy, and millet, sorghum, corn (maize), yams, rice, cassava (manioc), tomatoes, and vegetables are produced. Bauchi is one of the country’s main cotton-producing states; coffee and peanuts (groundnuts) are the other cash crops. Cattle, goats, and sheep are raised.

When was Bauchi created?

Bauchi State is a state in northern Nigeria. Its capital is Bauchi. The state was formed in 1976 when the former North-Eastern State was broken up. It originally included the area now in Gombe State, which became a distinct state in 1996.

Which state is Azare?

Bauchi state
Azare, town, seat of the Katagum traditional emirate, Bauchi state, northeastern Nigeria, located in the northern extension of Bauchi state.

Which local government is the biggest in Bauchi?

Toro is a Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Nigeria. Toro local government headquarters is in the town of Toro. The local government has Three (3) district i.e. Toro, Jama’a and Lame district. The local government is the largest local government in Nigeria and west Africa in particular.

Which airline goes to Bauchi?

Information of Abuja Bauchi Flight

Aerial distance 312 KM
Popular Airlines from Abuja to Bauchi Overland Airways
Shortest Time of flights from Abuja to Bauchi 00h 01m
Airport codes flights from Abuja to Bauchi Abuja-ABV,Bauchi-BCU
Time of Abuja to Bauchi flights 00h 01m

How many tribes do we have in Bauchi State?

55 Tribal Groups
Bauchi State has a total of 55 Tribal Groups in which include Hausa, Fulani, Gerawa, Sayawa, Jarawa, Bolewa, Karekare, Kanuri, Fa’awa, Butawa, Warjawa, Zulawa, and Badawa as the main tribes.

Who gave Bauchi State?

The emirate was founded (1800–10) by Yakubu, one of Sheikh Usman dan Fodio’s commanders. Yakubu conquered a sparsely wooded savanna region (the Bauchi High Plains) mainly inhabited by non-Muslim peoples.

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