How many trophies has St Johnstone won?

How many trophies has St Johnstone won?

The club has had three home grounds, the current one since 1989 is McDiarmid Park. St Johnstone have won 3 major honours the Scottish Cup with a 2–0 win against Dundee United in 2014, and won a domestic cup double in 2021, with a 1-0 win in both finals.

Who won the cups in Scotland 2021?

St Johnstone F.C.
2020–21 Scottish Cup/Champion

What have St Johnstone won this season?

On 22 May 2021, St Johnstone won the Scottish Cup, defeating Hibs by a score of 1–0 in the final, with Shaun Rooney again netting the winning goal. With the victory, St Johnstone became just the fourth club in Scottish history to win the cup double after Aberdeen, Celtic, and Rangers.

When did St Johnstone win the Cup?

The 2014 Scottish Cup Final was the 129th final of the Scottish Cup, the most prestigious knockout football competition in Scotland. The match took place at Celtic Park on 17 May 2014 and was contested by St Johnstone and Dundee United.

When was the last time St Johnstone won a trophy?

The club won their first Scottish Cup in 2014 with a 2–0 win against Dundee United. In 2020–21, St Johnstone won their first League Cup and second Scottish Cup to complete a historic Cup double.

Which club is the most successful in Scotland?

Most successful clubs by titles

Team Domestic
League titles Scottish Cup
Rangers 55 33
Celtic 51 40
Aberdeen 4 7

Are Celtic still in the Scottish Cup 2021?

The defending champions were Celtic, who won the 2020 Scottish Cup Final on 20 December 2020…

Who Organises the Scottish Cup?

The Scottish Health Education Group
The Scottish Health Education Group was the first organisation to sponsor the Scottish Cup in 1983 with the largest sponsorship package in Scottish football at the time, worth around £200,000….Sponsorship.

Period Sponsor Name
2020–present No sponsor Scottish Cup

Are St Johnstone still in Europe?

St Johnstone Football Club is a Scottish association football club based in the city of Perth….St Johnstone F.C. in European football.

Club St Johnstone
First entry 1971–72 UEFA Cup
Latest entry 2021–22 UEFA Europa League
Europa League 0

Are St Mirren Catholic or Protestant?

Saint Mirin or Mirren, a Catholic monk and missionary from Ireland ( c. 565 – c. 620), is also known as Mirren of Benchor (now called Bangor), Merinus, Merryn and Meadhrán.

Who won most Scottish Cups?

Celtic have won the trophy most often with 40 victories.

Who is more successful Rangers or Celtic?

Honours table

Rank Club Total
1 Rangers 116
2 Celtic 111
3 Aberdeen 19
4 Heart of Midlothian 16
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