How much did American Pickers sell the Royal Pioneer for?

How much did American Pickers sell the Royal Pioneer for?

In season 10, Frank Fritz headed to Florida to re-pick the assorted treasures lining the home of Pat Regis, the guy who’d sold the team a 1910 Royal Pioneer motorcycle for $55,000. Once again, Regis made American Pickers history with an expensive automotive offering.

How much is a Royal Pioneer motorcycle worth?

Thus, Royal Pioneers are exceedingly rare. Fewer than 500 were ever built, and only four are known to exist today. Bonhams & Butterfields is offering this example at its May 8th motorcycle auction at the Quail Lodge in Carmel, California. Pre-auction estimates set the price between $90,000 and $100,000.

What’s the most expensive item bought on American Pickers?

The Most Expensive And Amazing Finds On American Pickers

  1. $1,000 Polarimeter. kiwireport.
  2. Leather License Plate. noteabley.
  3. Tether Car Toy. vedomosti.
  4. $5,000 Sideshow Banners. moviepredators.
  5. Yoda Prototype. Digg.
  6. Jell-O Wagon. The News Star.
  7. $8,000 Train Set.
  8. $8,000 Rundown Airstream. Pinterest.

How much did Mike pay for the Von Dutch motorcycle?

Von Dutch Harley-Davidson XA VW motorcycle – Built around 1966 by pin-striping legend Von Dutch, the Harley-Davidson XA is powered by a 36-hp flat-four Volkswagen engine and has some Moto Guzzi components. Mike paid $21,000 for it and added it to his personal collection.

Why is Mike Wolfe leaving his wife?

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe’s wife has filed for divorce after nearly nine years of marriage, reports say. Jodi Catherine Wolfe filed for divorce in Williamson County, Tennessee last November, TMZ revealed. Her reason for the split is listed as irreconcilable differences.

Does Danielle really work at Antique Archaeology?

DANIELLE Colby holds the fort at Mike Wolfe’s base of operations, Antique Archaeology, in Nashville and Iowa. American Pickers has been on the air since 2010.

What is the most expensive vintage motorcycle?

Currently, the costliest motorcycle on record is a 1951 Vincent Black Lightning, one of only 30 similar models built by the famed British manufacturer, which changed hands at auction this January for a cool $929,000.

Why is Frank not on the new American Pickers show?

Why Frank Fritz left American Pickers When Fritz disappeared from the show, the official reason given was that he was recovering from back surgery and dealing with complications from his Crohn’s disease. He also entered an alcohol rehab center and as of July was 11 months sober.

What do you think of American Pickers Royal Pioneer?

American Pickers’ Royal Pioneer, Negotiating, Weatherby, and more… We’re hooked on American Pickers . I’ve mentioned that show a few times before here on the blog. I like it. A lot. It’s great entertainment, the people are fascinating, it’s Americana, and they do a lot with motorcycles.

When was the first Royal Pioneer Motorcycle made?

I thought I knew a lot about motorcycles, but I had never heard of Royal Pioneer. Small wonder, as only 4 are known to exist and only about 500 were manufactured back in 1910. The boys bought a basket case for, get this, $55,000!

Are there any motorcycle collectors on American Pickers?

Every collector has a personal Holy Grail. Few collectors seriously pursue theirs; fewer still actually find what they’re looking for and have the financial means to purchase it. In a recent best-of episode of American Pickers, however, Mike Wolfe defied the odds by scoring two.

What kind of bike is Wolfe in American Pickers?

The fact that the bikes are in the guy’s house is a pretty good sign that he is emotionally attached to both, and he confirms as much by placing stratospheric “not-for-sale” prices on both. But when he leads Mike and Frank into a back room and shows them a 1910 Royal Pioneer, mostly in pieces, Wolfe cannot hide his enthusiasm.

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