How much does a BMW 2015 cost?

How much does a BMW 2015 cost?

The 2015 BMW 3 Series sedans start at a reasonable-sounding $33,500 for the 320i, while the more powerful 2015 328i starts at around $38,300, and the 6-cylinder 335i starts at about $45,000. Diesel power costs nearly $40,000, and if you’re a hybrid fan, you’ll need to bring nearly $51,000.

What is the price of BMW 318?

BMW 3 Series price starts at ₹ 44.84 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 62.90 Lakh. The price of Petrol version for 3 Series ranges between ₹ 44.84 Lakh – ₹ 62.90 Lakh and the price of Diesel version for 3 Series is ₹ 48.48 Lakh.

Is BMW 318 a good car?

BMW 318 Touring. During its first five years/90,000 miles of life, this car has been exceptionally reliable and dependable. However, overall the BMW is undeniably the best car I have had. Its fuel consumption is also the best of any car I have had but way short of the manufacturer’s claimed mpg.

Is BMW 318i reliable?

Is the BMW 318i a good & reliable car? So long as it is serviced on time and looked after well, the BMW 318i can be a great, reliable and enjoyable mode of transport. Although it is no tar-burning supercar the 318i has been known for 30 years as a well-made, pleasant way to get around town.

Are BMW reliable?

According to leading research on the matter, BMWs are quite reliable. There are many brands on the car market today that are reliable, including those that are produced by Japanese car manufacturers. BMW models are typically rated average or below average by car magazines and hobbyists.

How long does a 2015 BMW 328i last?

The BMW 328i should be able to last over 200,000 miles as long as You keep up with the regular maintenance on the car. The most important thing to the longevity of a car is to make sure to have Your maintenance done when it is needed.

What is the difference between 318 and 320 BMW?

BMW 318i Or 320i – Which BMW Model Is Better The BMW 320i comes after BMW 318i and has greater features than 318i and has got some modifications as well. Both of the models are great on its places. 320i is more spacious and has more leg and arm rooms where as 318i has more space in trunk that is very useful.

Does BMW 318i have Turbo?

Offered purely as a sedan, it was powered by a 1.5-litre, turbocharged three-cylinder, connected to either a six speed manual or eight speed automatic transmission.

How long do BMW engines last?

BMWs are famous for their excellent efficiency ratings and durable engines, but they come with a steep price tag to match, so buyers ask: Are they worth it? Just how many miles can a BMW last? Most BMW cars will last 200,000 – 250,000 miles with proper maintenance.

Is it bad to buy a used BMW?

Many experienced owners and mechanics will tell you to stay far away from used BMWs, especially ones from the last 20 years, or so. They are simply not worth the money you will no doubt have to pour into them. They break easily, the parts are expensive, and the labor costs are astronomical.

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