How much does a Cellini cost?

How much does a Cellini cost?

Prices at a Glance: Rolex Cellini

Model/Reference number Price (approx.)
Cellini Moonphase, 50535 24,500 USD
Cellini Date, ref. 50519 17,000 USD
Cellini Dual Time, 50525 17,000 USD
Cellini Dual Time, 50529 17,000 USD

Does Rolex Cellini hold its value?

Rolex Cellini Classic A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal contains a manually-wound movement and rests on an alligator leather strap, usually black or brown, with a gold buckle. The Cellini Classic is a true style icon, and you can have confidence it will hold its value well.

Does Rolex still make the Cellini?

Today, all current-production Cellini watches have 39mm cases, double-stepped bezels, flared winding crowns, and leather straps. Three years later, Rolex released its first moonphase watch since the 1950s in the form of the Cellini Moonphase reference 50535.

How much gold is in a Rolex Cellini?

Rolex Cellini Prices

Model Reference Materials
Cellini Time ref. 50509 18k White gold
Cellini Date ref. 50515 18k Everose gold
Cellini Date ref. 50519 18k White gold
Cellini Dual Time ref. 50525 18k Everose gold

Why is Rolex Cellini not popular?

Its lack of identity has been brought up quite a few times now, but I do feel this is a large contributing factor in the Cellini’s lack of success. Rolex especially, the historical value behind every model is a huge selling point for their watches.

Who is Cellini Rolex?

The Rolex Cellini collection takes its name from the famed Italian goldsmith and sculptor, Benvenuto Cellini. The name was chosen for Rolex’s collection of refined and often gem-set dress watches as a means to celebrate the elegant lines and impeccable craftsmanship of the artist’s works.

What kind of Watch is the Rolex Cellini 6671?

Authentic Rolex Cellini Cellissima 6621/8 18k Gold Ladies Watch w. Box & Papers Ladies Rolex Cellini 6671 18K White Gold, Diamond Bezel, Salmon Diamond Dial.

What are the appliques on a Rolex Cellini?

Like on all Rolex watches, the appliques and Rolex crown are crafted in 18 ct gold. The Cellini Moonphase features an exclusive display of the phases of the moon.

How many Rolex Cellini Danaos watches are there?

Rolex Cellini Danaos Number 2001 Make Mens Wristwatch 4233 9 No.394 Authentic Rolex Cellini Cellissima 6621/8 18k Gold Ladies Watch w. Box & Papers Named after Renaissance artist, Benvenuto Cellini, the Rolex Cellini range has been home to the brand’s non-Oyster dress watches since the late-1960s.

How much does a Rolex Cellini bracelet cost?

Editions with full gold bracelets are priced higher, typically starting at around $7,000. Pre-owned versions of the new Rolex Cellini models are usually discounted anywhere from 20% to 30% in the secondary market.

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