How much does it cost to service a Citizen eco drive?

How much does it cost to service a Citizen eco drive?

Typically, our Citizen Eco-drive service that includes a new power cell/rechargeable battery or capacitor costs £55 including UK return post.

Can Citizen eco drive be repaired?

If your Citizen eco drive watch stopped working or no longer holds a charge it probably just needs a new capacitor. ALL Citizen repairs are performed by our Swiss-trained professional watchmaker utilizing state-of-the-art tools and charging equipment! …

How often should I service my Citizen watch?

Citizen recommends sending your watch at least every 1 and a half year for service, especially to change the gaskets to preserve water resistance (100m on my watch), or as often as every 6 months if you submerge it in water more than once a week.

Do Citizen Eco Drive watches have batteries?

If you’re wondering why we don’t offer battery replacements for Citizen Eco-Drive watches, it may shock you to realise that your Eco-Drive doesn’t have a battery in it at all. The way a Citizen Eco-Drive works is that it runs off light as its power source, not a standard silver oxide battery.

Do you need a Citizen Eco Drive watch?

Citizen Eco-Drive. And when travel is a must, the Eco-Drive watch is an outstanding asset. So, if you are definitely ready for a good-looking watch that will also recharge itself on an ongoing basis, then this collection of Citizen Eco-Drive timepieces is the place to start your search. From chronograph styles with perpetual calendars…

Why did citizen choose the name Eco Drive?

CITIZEN’s proprietary light-powered technology Eco-Drive is an exceptional technological achievement that also reflects our concern for the natural environment. The name and logo display our commitment to building a brand for people all over the world.

Where can I charge my Eco Drive watch?

Eco-Drive is designed to charge from ordinary everyday light sources like indoor fluorescent lighting and desk lights. You can go about your everyday life confident that your watch will never stop.

How is citizen focused on reducing energy consumption?

CITIZEN’s relentless focus on reducing energy consumption has driven the creation of advanced functions and other value-added innovations. We redesigned the circuits and programming of the integrated circuit (IC) and optimised the motor with numerous subtle tweaks to achieve better energy performance.

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