How much does the president of Georgetown make?

How much does the president of Georgetown make?

Executives Listed on Filing

Name Title Total Salary
John J Degioia Phd (c79 G95) President and Board Member $825,992
Louis M Weiner Director, Lombardi Cancer Center $775,398
Edward B Healton Exec. VP Health Sciences $763,401
Ricardo Ernst Professor, McDonough School of Business $722,674

Who is president of Georgetown University?

John J. DeGioia
Georgetown University/Presidents

Who is the former Georgetown president what role did he play?

John Joseph DeGioia (born 1957) is an American academic administrator and philosopher who has been the president of Georgetown University since 2001.

Why is Georgetown’s endowment so low?

Georgetown University, ranked 20 on the U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 Best National Universities, has the lowest endowment of the top 20 universities listed. Moore said in an interview with The Hoya the primary reason students do not attend Georgetown is because of a lack of financial support.

What presidents went to Georgetown?

Bill Clinton attended Georgetown University for his undergraduate degree, before continuing his studies at Yale Law School and Oxford. Lyndon B. Johnson, the vice president who served under John F. Kennedy, also attended Georgetown Law, but dropped out.

What did John DeGioia do at Georgetown University?

O’Donovan named DeGioia the associate vice president and chief administrative officer of Georgetown’s main campus in 1992. DeGioia received his Doctor of Philosophy in philosophy from the university’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 1995. He has taught undergraduates at the university as a professor of philosophy since that time.

When did John j.degioia get married?

Personal life. His mother taught gifted and talented students in the Hanford, California, public schools. DeGioia married Theresa Anne Miller on November 5, 1994. They were married in a Catholic ceremony at Holy Trinity Church in Washington, by DeGioia’s uncle, the Rev. John J. Begley.

Is there a living wage at Georgetown University?

An ongoing partnership with Alta Gracia, an apparel company that pays a living wage to its factory workers, has resulted in the company making masks for the limited number of students, faculty and staff on campus this fall.

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