How much is a Bambi Airstream worth?

How much is a Bambi Airstream worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $48,900 $53,950
Options (Add)
Total Price $48,900 $53,950

Does the Airstream Bambi have a generator?

Unfortunately, most Airstream do not have generators included and you will need to purchase your generator separately.

What is the smallest Bambi Airstream?

Bambi 16RB

  • The shortest and lightest of any traditional travel trailer available. Measuring in at a length of 15′ 11” and has a GVWR of 3,500 lbs.
  • Includes a combination waste tank (merging the contents of the gray tank and black tank in a single holding tank).
  • For space-saving purposes, includes a wet bath.

How much does a 16 foot Airstream Bambi cost?

A new Airstream Bambi that ranges in length from 16 to 22 feet will cost between $50,000 and $70,000 depending on the size you choose.

Why you shouldn’t buy an airstream?

Airstream trailers are expensive and yet, they are narrow, have no slide outs to expand the space and have limited external storage as well. Their sleeping capacity is also limited. Though they have high quality build, their maintenance, storage and repair is also costly than average travel trailer.

Why is airstream so expensive?

The principle reason Airstreams are expensive is the Aluminium body they are so famous for. The shell of an airstream is made from a high quality “aircraft grade” aluminum alloy riveted over a steel frame. This is insulated and then an inner shell of aluminum is riveted on from the inside.

Can you Boondock in an Airstream?

Boondocking is camping without connecting to water, electricity, or sewer. It can include dispersed campsites on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land or wild camping in a secluded spot off-the-grid.

What size Airstream is best?

As a general guideline, trailers under 25 feet are best for an individual or a couple taking occasional short duration trips. Many with families opt for a trailer in the 24 – 28 foot range and couples camping for longer periods of time also often prefer this length range.

What is the cheapest airstream?

Basecamp trailer
According to Airstream, its cheapest option is the Basecamp trailer, which, at 16 feet long, can fit two people. It starts at $38,000, so it’s roughly the price of a brand-new SUV. The cheapest Airstream trailer that can hold a family of four is the Bambi. It’s 16 to 22 feet long, and it starts at about $50,000.

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