How much is a Ferrari Dino 308 GT4?

How much is a Ferrari Dino 308 GT4?

How Much Is A Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 Worth Today? Sites like have the Dino 308 GT4 for price on request. However, a dealer on the platform also has a 308 GT4 that has racked up 42,000 miles up for sale for 69,507 Euros. Hagerty places the car at a $49,000 valuation.

How much is a Ferrari 308 worth?

And with Ferrari 308 prices going from anywhere between $43,000 and $200,000 according to the Hagerty price guide, they’re a wonderful entry-level Ferrari for the new collector and an affordable option for the collector looking to make their next move.

How many Ferrari 308 GT4 were made?

2,826 units
The Ferrari 308 GT4 remained in production until 1980 with a total of 2,826 units being produced. Of those, 840 examples were 208 GT4s with 547 – 308 GT4s finding their way to the UK.

Is a Ferrari 308 a good investment?

The values of Ferraris continues to climb, which means these cars are excellent investment opportunities, but the 308 seems to be one of the more popular Ferrari models lately. And that’s especially the case with the 308 GTS.

Is a Ferrari 308 a real Ferrari?

What makes the Ferrari 308 GT4 unique? Initially, The Drive reports, the Ferrari 308 GT4 wasn’t actually, technically, a Ferrari. It was badged ‘Dino’, after Enzo Ferrari’s late son. As the 308 GT4 didn’t have a V12, it wasn’t considered a ‘true’ Ferrari.

How much does a Magnum PI Ferrari cost?

Similar to all sports cars, the 308 GTS is quite costly. Hot Cars mentioned exactly how much this beauty would cost you nowadays, stating a vintage Ferrari 308 model (GTS, GB, GTM or GT4) would cost you at least $50,000.

How much did a Ferrari cost in 1975?

The Maranello factory’s first V8-engined road car and first mid-engine 2+2, the 308 GT4 was styled by Bertone rather than the customary Pininfarina….Detailing.

Vehicle: 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino
Years Produced: 1975-79
Number Produced: 2,826
Original List Price: approx $24,000
Tune Up Cost: $3,000

Will the Ferrari 308 go up in value?

Ferrari 308 GTB Over the past decade, the Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS models have increased in value from average prices of $31,000 to more than $114,000.

How much is a 1984 Ferrari 308 worth?


Vehicle: 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV Targa
Number Produced: 3,045
Original List Price: $56,250
SCM Valuation: $62,500
Tune Up Cost: $3,500

How much is a Magnum PI Ferrari?

Is the Ferrari 308 GT4 an exotic car?

The 308 GT4 is a time capsule that has emerged unscathed from an era when Ferrari became etched in everyone’s minds as the exotic car maker. It innovated in many ways and opened up a new clientle for the company. I’ve always had a soft spot for this seemingly unassuming Ferrari that handles very well and had Enzo Ferrari’s personal attention.

What kind of Miles does a Ferrari 308 GTB berlinetta have?

1978 Ferrari 308 GTS Please note, this car has 35,688 kilometers which converts to 22,175 miles. The Ferrari 308 GTB Berlinetta and targa topped 308 GTS are V8 mid-engined, 2-seater sports cars man… More Info ›

Is there a 1978 Ferrari 308 GTB for sale?

This STUNNING Ferrari 308 GTB is as sharp,crisp and straight as the photos and video reflect.This t 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS Please note, this car has 35,688 kilometers which converts to 22,17 This 1976 Ferrari 308 GT4 for sale has a 2.9 Liter Four Cam Transversely Mounted V8, 5-Speed Manual SPECTACULAR CONDITION ONLY 4,208 ACTUAL MILES!

Which is better a Ferrari 308GT4 or a Maserati?

Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche all had compact 2+2s with engines of 2.5-3 litres – so it was clearly time that Ferrari stepped into the same market and the GT4’s sales figures confirm that it was a wise move. The boot is a useful size and, with its longer wheelbase, the GT4 handles and rides better than the two-seater 308s.

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