How wide is a t5 rock and roll bed?

How wide is a t5 rock and roll bed?

Available in 2 standard sizes: 3/4 width 1150mm wide. Full width 1450mm wide. Allow an extra 30mm for clearance on the width.

How wide is a full width rock and roll bed?

You can leave it as a bed and still easily get in and out of the vehicle. Available in 2 standard sizes: 3/4 width 1150mm wide. Full width 1450mm wide.

What is rock and roll bed?

What is a rock and roll bed? A rock and roll bed functions as a set of car seats for travel and daytime use, transitioning to a bed for night-time for comfort. The VW campervan seats can also be manoeuvred closer or further away from the front seats, depending on your needs and layout.

Why is it called a rock and roll bed?

The first campervans were built from the classic Volkswagen Transporter van. They had an engine at the back, so the rock and roll bed was something like a sofa-bed, with a cushion sitting on top of the engine behind. It just clicked down into a bed.

How wide is a single bed?

Single Bed Sizes Single beds are normally 3ft (90cm) wide and 6ft3″ (190cm) long. This makes them ideal if you sleep alone or reside in a smaller-sized room.

What is a M1 tested bed?

In the simplest terms, the M1 pull test simulates a crash at 30mph into solid concrete, pulling the seat with the resulting force of such a collision: 3 tonnes per passenger for 0.2 of a second.

Can a VW T5 be a rock and roll bed?

We are able to customise and style your VW T5 or T6 captain seats and rock & roll beds in an almost unlimited range of upholstered colours and material choices.

How big is a rock and roll bed?

This is our 3/4 width rock n roll bed for T4/T5/T6 vans. We will also fit other makes and models, but without the VW fitting kit it becomes an in-vehicle (crash) pull tested bed. This bed is trimmed in high-quality vinyl in a bespoke pattern and colour choice, with or without piping.

How big is a 3 / 4 cantilever VW bed?

The 3/4 bed is our most popular sized bed designed with the VW T5/T6 in mind. Upholstered width of bed is 1030mm and 1100mm when upholstered. The bed is constructed from 2.5mm steel throughout and is a cantilever design. This means there are no feet and floor does not need to be clear to operate.

Can a rock and roll bed fit in a campervan?

Our range of rock and roll beds can fit in almost any campervan including Volkswagen T4 and T5s. Our rock and roll beds come with a range of market leading feature including: ease of use operating system, reclining mechanism, EVOLUX upholstery, fully powder coated frame, generous under bed storage space, optional seat belts and head rests.

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