Is a 2014 BMW a good car?

Is a 2014 BMW a good car?

How Reliable Is the 2014 BMW 3 Series? The 2014 BMW 3 Series earns a four out of five for reliability from J.D. Power and Associates. That’s a better score than most cars, particularly the 3 Series’ classmates.

What is the value of a 2014 BMW?

The entry-level 2014 BMW 320i carries a rather palatable mid-$33,000 starting price, while 328i models begin just over $37,000. The diesel-powered 328d starts just under $40,000, and the range-topping 335i trims check in right around $44,000.

How much is a 2014 BMW 550i?

550i xDrive Trims

Sedan Original MSRP / Price Engine
5 Series 4dr Sdn 550i xDrive AWD $66,200 / $60,905 8 Cylinder Turbo

How much is a 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo worth?

2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo appraisal values can range from $9,521 – $16,193. Find out what your car is really worth in minutes. I had a demanding set of criteria for this car.

When does the BMW 5 Series GT come out?

The 2014 BMW 5-Series GT comes in four different trims: the 535i Gran Turismo, the 535i xDrive Gran Turismo, the 550i Gran Turismo, and the 550i xDrive Gran Turismo. All four variants will hit dealers in August 2013 and pricing details are as follows:

Is the BMW 3 Series GT a hatchback?

You get a surprising amount of it in the 2014 BMW 3 Series GT. Especially in the rear seat and the trunk. Unless you’re familiar with riding in the back of BMW’s biggest machines, you’ll be shocked at how much room there is in this new hatchback.

When did the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo come out?

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is still a relative baby in the industry after only making its debut in 2009. But in the short time that its been around, the 5er GT has made quite an impression on a lot of people, but not exactly for the right reasons.

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