Is Barch good for TH6?

Is Barch good for TH6?

TH6 Attacking Strategies. Barch is a very effective strategy up until town hall level 8. At TH6 you can also hold a few spells. The spells you use depend on how you place your troops and how many of each you will use.

When should I farm in COC?

Try to stay within Silver or Gold leagues to concentrate your farming efforts. Those ranges have the most inactive bases. You can go up higher if you are a TH 9, 10, or 11. You can forfeit battles after gaining the resources you need to ensure that you don’t get too high of a trophy count.

Can you Barch at TH12?

Super barch is the solution for TH12/13 who find it hard to maintain leagues. With lvl9 barbs being weak and archers still being low level, TH12/13 are using underpowered barch to hit stronger enemies. The answer to that is simply use super barch whenever you can.

Which is the best farming base in TH6?

This best th6 farming base is squared shaped with small sections and layers. The division of the clan makes it extra protection from the opponent’s attack. In this best farming base layout, the center compartment has a town hall placed with air-defense and mortar.

How does a COC TH6 defense base work?

coc th6 defense base designs. These types of bases are designed to make the opponent’s troops move in a circular fashion so that the resources will be protected at the middle of the base. The opponent will surely attack from the open wall areas and they will get trapped by our spring traps.

Is it bad to farm at TH6 in Clash of clans?

Another bad thing about farming at TH6 is there is a huge disparity between the strength of TH6 bases and TH7 armies. There is perhaps no bigger gap in strength, as TH7 players get an extra army camp and an extra round of upgrades for their Barbarians and Archers.

What makes a good TH6 base in Clash of clans?

TH6 Farming Base Copy Link The farming base is one of the four types of approaches you can use to play within a clash of clans base layouts. If you want to build the best th6 farming base, it is important to keep your resources more secured and within high protection.

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