Is Hungary good for Pakistani students?

Is Hungary good for Pakistani students?

Hungary is very beautiful country with excellence in education. Fees are very affordable for students who have even middle class background. Pakistani Students are allowed to work part time jobs in Hungary which support their studying and living expenses in study abroad.

How much does it cost to study in Hungary?

Hungarian universities charge tuition fees, but compared to other countries in Europe they are very affordable. Depending on the university and the programme, you can expect to pay around 2,500 to 3,000 euros per year; Engineering programmes can be a bit more expensive at up to around 5,000 euros per year.

How can I study from Pakistan to France?


  1. Admission confirmation letter from higher education institution.
  2. Application Form (correctly and completely filled by candidate).
  3. Recent photographs.
  4. Bank Statement (with sufficient fund to cover your tuition fees and cost of living).
  5. Character Certificate.

How much it cost to study in France from Pakistan?

A comprehensive French course in Pakistan costs between 20k-30k.

Can students work in Hungary?

Students can stay in Hungary for work even after completing their study. However, they must have residence permit for that. After completing your study in Hungary, you can stay until your residence permit expires.

Is Hungary cheap for international students?

Aside from tuition, international students have to consider the cost of living in Hungary. But, compared to other European countries, studying in Hungary is quite affordable for international students. You can live comfortably in Hungary with a monthly budget of around 150,000 Hungarian forints or $500 USD.

How much it cost to study MBBS in France?

Medical Universities France

Number of universities 15
Located in France
Duration of Course 8-11 Years
MBBS fees Structure 50-55 lakhs INR*
Indian Mess Facility Yes

Is it easy to find a job in Hungary?

Finding a job in Hungary is not that difficult. Finding a job in Hungary can seem intimidating, but if you know the ins-and-outs of the process and have some help at hand, it can be a painless process.

Can I get PR in Hungary after study?

After gaining study to work residence permit which is valid for 9 months you can find a job or start a business. After gaining a job position in Hungary or staring a business you will have to apply for a residence permit based on gainful activity / EU Blue Card or Immigration Card.

How can I study in Hungary for Pharmacy?

To reduce student dropout, which is an inherent feature of the changed circumstances and requirements, the UP Faculty of Pharmacy has mentoring programmes in the Hungarian and English trainings with the involvement of teachers and students.

How to get a Hungarian visa for Pakistan?

Following is the Hungary visa requirements for Pakistani citizens. Visa application Form (two application forms, filled electronically, completely and correctly by candidate). 02 photographs (recent passport size photographs with light background).

Why do you want to study in Hungary?

Alumni Network Hungary offers you a wide range of services that will help you to prepare for your career or further studies early enough. Develop your skills and learn the tricks of successful networking and career building with the help of our experts, alumni and tutors. Why study in Hungary? – Interviews with international students

Which is the most famous trail in Hungary?

If you are a hiker, maybe you heard about the most famous Hungarian trail, the National Blue Trail (Országos Kéktúra) between Írottkő and Hollóháza, the two endpoints from the Western side to the North-Eastern mountains. During your studies, you can discover some parts or the whole one.

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