Is it Shure or sure?

Is it Shure or sure?

Eye dialect spelling of sure.

What is a meaning of certain?

: not having any doubt about something : convinced or sure. —used with it to say that something is known to be true or correct. —used to say that something will definitely happen or that someone will definitely do something —often followed by to + verb. certain.

Is Shure a Scrabble word?

No, shure is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is an example of certain?

An example of certain is when you are confident that you let the dogs in earlier. An example of certain is how you would identify someone without his name even though everyone knows who you are talking about. Having or showing confidence; assured. I’m certain I left my keys in this room.

What kind of word is certain?

As detailed above, ‘certain’ can be a determiner or an adjective. Determiner usage: Certain people are good at playing (contract) bridge. Adjective usage: I was certain of my decision.

Is there a difference between ” sure ” and ” certain “?

In the English language, most of us use the words sure and certain interchangeably considering these two as synonymous while there is a subtle difference between sure and certain. In most occasions, this is rather true since both can be applied for similar situations. Sure can be defined as the sense of reliance of a fact to be true.

What does it mean when someone says Sure?

Sure usually means that an individual is confident that he or she is correct regarding a matter. In this sense, it seems to emphasize the accuracy of a person’s point of view. For example: I am sure I locked the door before I left.

Is the word’certain’interchangeable with’to be certain’?

To be sure, in their adjectival uses they are often interchangeable. (Mind you, I could not have written “To be certain” at the start of the last sentence.

What’s the difference between ” certain ” and ” positive “?

It depends on the context in which both words are used. Generally, there is little to no difference. However, a person may use certain to add more power to his statement when he is completely positive. For example:

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