Is Jackie Sharp married?

Is Jackie Sharp married?

Concerned she will receive little support in her campaign as, unlike Heather Dunbar, she doesn’t have a family, Jackie marries Alan Cooke and becomes stepmother to his two children.

What happens to Jackie Sharp in House of Cards?

It looks like she’s one of the few characters who recognized that being used as a pawn by the Underwoods wasn’t worth whatever power she stood to gain. At the end of Season 4, humiliated out of the primary race after taking Frank’s advice, Jackie finally decided to quit Washington, DC.

What happened to Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp?

At the end of season four Jackie left her husband and Washington to be with Remy, and Mahershala has confirmed that his character will not return for season five. The Oscar-winner said that Remy’s storyline had “run its course”, adding that the decision was made mutually with the show’s producers.

Who played Jackie Sharp on House of Cards?

Molly ParkerHouse of Cards
Jackie Sharp/Played by

Do Remy and Jackie end up together?

Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp have ups and downs during season four, but by the finale Jackie decides to leave her husband to be with Remy. This, coupled with the fact that both of them go on the record for the Herald’s article about Frank, mean their lives in Washington are about to get very . . . complicated.

Do Remy and Jackie get back together?

Remy can’t deal with being yet another politically ambitious woman’s side-piece, so, after many longing looks exchanged, the pair decide they can’t be together. Yeah, right. It only takes two episodes of Season 4 for us to catch Jackie and Remy back at it again.

What does Remy Danton do?

Remy Danton (Mahershala Ali) is a lawyer for Glendon Hill and lobbyist who works for natural gas company SanCorp during the first season and for Raymond Tusk in the second. Prior, he worked eight years for Underwood as Press Secretary before leaving to pursue more money rather than Underwood’s offer of power.

Is Remy Danton Haitian?

In Chapter 41, we get a little more background with Remy, as he’s seen conversing in French with his parents outside their Florida home. Coming into it, honestly, I kid you not—in the character description, in 2012, Remy was of Haitian descent.

What happened to Raymond Tusk?

Tusk was pardoned by President Frank Underwood after admitting that Xander Feng, Daniel Lanagin, and himself used Lanagin’s casino as a front for money laundering.

Who is Bob Birch in House of Cards?

Bob Birch (Larry Pine) is the former Democratic Speaker of the House and current House Minority Leader.

Is Raymond Tusk Warren Buffett?

Raymond Tusk is partially inspired by Warren Buffett In an interview with the St. Louis Beacon, Willimon explained that his interest in the Berkshire Hathaway chairman’s contradictions led to the creation of Tusk. “I’ve always been fascinated by Warren Buffett,” said Willimon. “He lives a homespun, folksy existence.

Why did President Walker resign on House of Cards?

Walker resigned to let the country begin to heal, rather than to face the possibility of conviction. President Walker resigned in 2014, allowing Underwood to become the 46th President of the United States and completing his year-long plan to seek vengeance on Walker and take his office.

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