Is Julian rare in ACNH?

Is Julian rare in ACNH?

He’s not rare, just popular that’s why he’s expensive.

Is Julian the only unicorn?

In Julian’s case, he’s clearly a unicorn, as shown by the single white horn sticking out from his forehead. Similarly, other villagers like Hans and Drago are also inspired by mythological beings, the yeti and dragon respectively.

What does Julian like in ACNH?

The following is a list of items that make good gifts for Julian, who likes Ornate, aqua items and dislikes Rock items.

Is Julian in ACNH a boy or girl?

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Julian hrs13
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Species Gender
Horse Male

What is Julian’s favorite color?

Julian’s Outfit Style and Colors

Favorite Color Blue Purple
Favorite Clothing Cool Gorgeous

Is Julian in Animal Crossing a girl?

Julian (ジュリー, Jurī?, Julie) is a smug horse villager in the Animal Crossing series, who resembles a unicorn, due to the horn on his head. His name may comes from “Julius,” of Julius Caesar, who claimed to be related to the Roman goddess Venus, reflecting Julian’s astronomy theme.

Is Julian in Animal Crossing a boy or girl?


Gender Male
Species Horse
Personality Smug
Birthday March 15th – Pisces
Catch Phrase glitter

Who is Julian in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

你 Julian is a smug horse villager in the Animal Crossing series. He was introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and was one of the first villagers announced for the release of the game. In New Horizons, Julian has the music hobby and may sing anywhere without the need of a stereo .

When was Julian added to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Julian was added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on July 15, 2018. Never trot when you can prance. Julian’s always been a little wild and free-spirited. Hey, if you were born with a horn on your head for some inexplicable reason, you’d be an oddball too.

What kind of horn does Julian Animal Crossing have?

Since his eyes are always closed, his eyelids are a shade of lilac accompanied by dark eyelashes. He also has black hooves, and a creamy white muzzle. One of his unique features include a short, stubby horn atop his head which implies he is a unicorn.

What kind of furniture does Julian have in Animal Crossing?

Julian owns several pieces from the Regal Series, such as the Regal Bed, Regal Sofa, Regal Bookcase, Regal Vanity and the Regal Table. Other furniture includes the Star Globe, King chess piece and the harp. His flooring is the Blue Floor, and his wall is the Lunar Horizon. He has a Retro Stereo that plays Stale Cupcakes .

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