Is Kenji Serpent or Dragon?

Is Kenji Serpent or Dragon?

Kenji is a Zen Master of the Dragon Clan or the Serpent Clan in the original Battle Realms campaign, “Kenji’s Journey”. He serves as the game’s one of the main protagonists, other being Grayback.

Who is Nightvol?

The Nightvol is the mysterious and antagonistic leader of the Horde, appearing only in “Kenji’s Journey”, the single-player campaign of Battle Realms.

How do you get Koril in Battle Realms?

Koril can actually be recruited in the original Battle Realms campaign, should the player choose to side with the Serpent Clan. In the relevant mission, Koril (and a large army of Lotus Warriors) will attack Kenji.

How do you get Budo in Kenji’s journey?

Budo also appears in Kenji’s Journey. In the Serpent campaign, since after he was defeated by Greyback seven years ago, when Kenji intrudes in his property then he’ll drive him off but will join you if a Fan Geisha is presented.

How do I get Utara Battle Realms?

Utara can actually be recruited in the original Battle Realms campaign, should the player choose to side with the Serpent Clan and assault the designated region.

Where is Utara in Kenji’s journey?

wolf’s Keep
Utara will self recruits when finds her and she can be found in wolf’s Keep in middle of map. Another’s a Lotus Clan village led by Koril.

How do I get Utara serpent?

Is there a battle realms 2?

“There will never be a Battle Realms 2. As long as fans are interested and supporting Battle Realms (1), we will continue to add to it and grow it.

Can I play Battle Realms in Windows 10?

Battle Realms works on Windows 10 by default (tried and tested by lots of people), so it’s not because of SafeDisc 2 or anything of that sort. In one of the topics on this forum there’s this: ” It works in Windows 10 if you disable any secondary monitors and change the bitdepth to 32.

How do I get Gaihla Battle Realms?

Gaihla can be recruited in the original Battle Reams campaign, provided the player has chosen to side with the Dragon Clan. In the relevant mission, a group of Wolf Pitch Slingers will be burning forests to help with their mining projects; as they burn the trees however, they are also causing Gaihla great pain.

How do you get Tao in Battle Realms?

Despite officially belonging to the Dragon Clan, in “Kenji’s Journey” (the original Battle Realms Campaign) Tao can be recruited by Kenji regardless of his clan. That said, however, Tao will only join him if Kenji chooses to recruit the minor Zen Masters that directly oppose his clan’s Yin/Yang affiliation.

Who are the Serpent clan in Battle Realms?

The Serpent Clan is one of the four major clans of Battle Realms. A derivative of the Dragon Clan, the Serpent Clan have forgotten their honorable ways and have resorted to thievery and deceit. Serpent clansmen are Yin followers.

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