Is parking free on The Downs in Bristol?

Is parking free on The Downs in Bristol?

Parking is free around The Downs. Cars may be clamped for parking on the grass.

Where can I park The Downs?

Parks and estates

  • Parks and estates.
  • Arnos Vale Cemetery.
  • Ashton Court Estate.
  • Begbrook Green Park.
  • Blaise Castle Estate.
  • Brandon Hill.
  • Canford Park.
  • Castle Park.

Who owns The Downs Bristol?

Bristol City Council
It is owned by Bristol City Council for the benefit of the people of Bristol.

Why is Bristol Downs called downs?

Originally the commons of these Manors of Clifton and Henbury, the Downs were rough pasture land used for sheep grazing.

Where can I park overnight in Bristol?

A very good option for overnight parking is Trenchard Street car park (Trenchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5AN), offering a secure location with a special low rate from 6pm-9am. On Bank holidays and on Sundays, you can park for free in any on-street pay-and-display space within the central parking zone.

How big is the Downs in Bristol?

442 acres
The Downs, which are a Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI), support large areas of limestone grassland meadows, brimming with grasses and wildflowers. Covering 442 acres, they consist of Durdham Down (owned by Bristol City Council) and Clifton Down (owned by the Society of Merchant Venturers).

How long is Ladies Mile Bristol?

Ladies Mile in Bristol. Ladies Mile is a Street in the Bristol city of Bristol and measures approximately 1,253 metres long.

How many downs are there in Bristol?

With its neighbour Clifton Down to the southwest, it constitutes a 400-acre (1.6 km2) area known as The Downs, much used for leisure including walking, jogging and team sports….

Durdham Down
Only three of Durdham Down’s “Seven Sisters” now remain
Type public open space
Location Bristol, England

Where is free parking in Bristol?

You can park for free at Little Paradise car park, BS3 4NE which has 50 spaces and is free for 2 hours. You can also park at Hereford Street, BS3 4NA; Diamond Street, BS3 3LF; Ducie Road, BS5 0AF; Sheene Road, BS3 4JE. They are all free for 2 hours and range from a 37 to 45 minute walk from the city centre.

Is there a car park at the Downs in Bristol?

Clifton Down and Durdham Down are north of the city centre. There is no dedicated car park. Find out where to park in Bristol. To find out about accessibility at The Downs, you can look at an access guide on DisabledGo. Toilets are open daily from 8am to 5pm. Closed: 25 and 26 December, and 1 January.

Is there any parking in Bristol City Centre?

Parking in Bristol city centre can be difficult, especially during University term time. As a result, visitors are encouraged to use the Park & Ride scheme. Bristol has 3 Park and Ride routes allowing visitors to park their car and take a bus into the city centre.

Where is the park and ride in Bristol?

Park & Ride. Bristol has 3 Park and Ride routes allowing visitors to park their car and take a bus into the city centre. The locations are: – Park & Ride A4 Bath Road,Brislington. – Park & Ride Long Ashton, North Somerset & the Mendips. – Park & Ride Portway,Avonmouth. Further information can be found on the Bristol City Council website.

Where are the Downs and Durdham in Bristol?

The Downs consists of Clifton Down and Durdham Down, bordering the Clifton Village, Clifton and Redland areas of Bristol. Together they represent a huge area of protected parkland right on the edge of the city within walking distance of other major attractions such as the Clifton Susupension Bridge, giving the impression…

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