Is poloxamer 407 toxic?

Is poloxamer 407 toxic?

Wang et al. reported that aqueous solutions of poloxamer 188 and poloxamer 407 sonicated in the presence or absence of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) can become highly toxic to cultured cells. The toxicity correlated with the sonolytic degradation of the polymers.

What are the side effects of poloxamer 407?

They are costly, and are known to cause side effects including ectopic bone formation, formation of seroma,9) neuropathy by neuritis, osteolysis, and soft tissue swelling. Moreover, the risk of retrograde ejaculation,11) male infertility and malignancy were also recently reported.

Why is poloxamer 407 Mouthwash?

Poloxamer 407 is used in mouthwash to allow the blending of unblendable liquids. While research into the effects of poloxamer 407 on humans is ongoing, it is thought to be highly toxic and linked to breast cancer. This begs the question; why is it included in mouthwash? Saccharin is an artificial sweetener.

Is poloxamer 407 safe in toothpaste?

It is extremely drying to the oral mucosa in your mouth and is very harmful. Another ingredient to watch out for is something called Poloxamer 407, as it has been linked to breast cancer.

What is Pluronic used for?

Consequently, pluronic micelles are effectively used as drug carriers because their assemblies can act as passive drug containers. These assemblies deliver drugs into subcellular compartments by slowly releasing hydrophilic–hydrophobic encapsulated excipients into physiological fluids.

What is poloxamer 188 used for?

Poloxamer 188 (P188) is a nonionic linear copolymer having an average molecular weight of 8400 Daltons and is also referred to as PLURONIC F68, FLOCOR and RheothRx. The copolymer was approved by the FDA nearly 50 years ago as a therapeutic reagent to reduce viscosity in the blood before transfusions.

Why is Listerine toxic?

The chemicals in mouthwash may include chlorhexidine gluconate, hydrogen peroxide, or methyl salicylate, which are all toxic to ingest. Ingesting these ingredients by drinking mouthwash can cause mouthwash overdose, liver failure, and gastrointestinal damage.

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